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If there is one thing I like in my rock music is diversity, and by that I mean when an album can switch between different musical styles to make the record interesting. Examples I can think of that include this are ‘Devil in the Details’ by The Poodles, ‘Into the Wild Life’ by Halestorm and today’s offering which is the debut album from Germany’s Ignore the Sign entitled ‘A Line to Cross’ which is out later this month on February 23rd on SPV/Steamhammer Records.


Opening up with the hard hitting anthem ‘Saviours Of Rock’, this album wastes no time in introducing us to this new bands style of playing complete with catchy riffs and sing-along melodies. The title track ‘A Line To Cross’ then switches gears and changes to a relaxing melodic rock track complete with soothing melodies that will relax even the most stressed individual.


‘No Way Home’ changes the sound back to a heavy rock track with riffs and melodies that is guaranteed to get you rocking out. ‘Brother’ then reactivates the melodic rock gears with beautiful melodies and a relaxing rhythm that will soothe even the worst of moods. ‘The Story Isn’t Over’ then switches gears and is guaranteed to reignite the hot blooded rocker within you thanks to heavy rhythms and infectious melodies.


Relaxation is the theme once again for the beautiful ‘When Words Ain’t Enough’ thanks to soothing rhythms and melodies that would make for a great first dance at weddings.


You know, I’ve noticed a pattern in that the album so far has transitioned between a hard hitting rock track to a relaxing melodic rock number the next. Not that I’m complaining mind you as I like the way it changes gears from one song to the next. The second half on the other hand throws a unique wrench into the works by offering up a new style of rock on this album by offering us funky and groovy rhythms.


The next two tracks are the first to display these funky and groovy melodies in the form of ‘God With A Million Faces’ and ‘Sweet Lady’ and both add a unique twist to what has already been so far an interesting and hugely enjoyable diverse album.


‘Days of Thunder’ returns to the heavy melodies as found in the first half of the record by offering us catchy and fast rhythms that will once again ignite the rock and roller within us all and get us rocking out. The melodic rock returns with ‘Behind the Wall’ which is both beautiful and soothing thanks to relaxing melodies and rhythms.


The heaviness returns for ‘Can’t Find The Door’ which is not only a great track but it also shakes things up by giving guitarist Anca Graterol a chance to show off her singing prowess and needless to say she has some great pipes which fit this song extremely well.


The second to last song on the album ‘Silver Wind’ mixes things up even further by not only giving us more funky rhythms but also heavy ones too and needless to say the two styles mesh together extremely well to deliver a uniquely enjoyable song.


The melodic rock returns one last time for the albums final track ‘Looking In The Sun’ which is a perfect finisher to an album that has been both uniquely diverse and hugely enjoyable throughout.


Now that the album is done, here are my final thoughts on it. ‘A Line To Cross’ is an excellent debut from Ignore the Sign complete with memorable songs, great rhythms, superb production, a unique diversity in different styles and great performances throughout. Definitely a must have for your rock collection so make sure you pre-order this so you don’t miss out.





Saviors of Rock

A Line To Cross

No Way Home


The Story Isn’t Over

When Words Ain’t Enough

God With A Million Faces

Sweet Lady

Days Of Thunder

Behind The Wall

Can’t Find The Door

Silver Wind

Looking In The Sun



Ossy Pfeiffer (vocals, keyboards)

Anca Graterol (vocals, guitars)

Steve Mann (guitars)

Lars Lehmann (bass)

Momme Boe (percussion)

Kristof Hinz (drums)



Website - www.ignorethesign.com

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ignorethesign

Twitter - https://twitter.com/ossypfeiffer

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ignorethesign/


Pre-order links:

Amazon UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Line-Cross-Ignore-Sign/dp/B0753S9DG7/ref=sr_1_1_twi_aud_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1511344059&sr=8-1&keywords=ignore+the+sign

Steamhammer Records - http://shop.steamhammer.de/products/606664-ignore-the-sign-a-line-to-cross-preorder

EMP UK - https://www.emp.co.uk/p/a-line-to-cross/368924.html

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