Impavidus - Eradication Of Mankind EP

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Formed in Manchester in 2015, Impavidus released their first EP in 2016 and with their fan base ever growing, their eagerly awaited second EP, ‘Eradication of Mankind’ is due to be released in the very near future.


Michelle Adamson, vocals, Patrick McBride bass and vocals, Gav Smith, guitars and backing vocals and Chris O’Rourke, drums, recorded their latest offering at Skyhammer Studios with Chris Fielding driving the desk and have come up with a very solid 4 track, which turns out is a delightfully heavy assault on the eardrums. 


 ‘Reprisal’ with its haunting opening drawing you closer – ears straining for all of 20ish seconds but then smack! Powerful bottom line and fast paced drumming, melodic lilting sweet vocal soaring and winding above the heaviness but then the snarling death voice takes the track to a whole different level.  ‘Lies’ Michelle’s beautiful voice is clear and snow white pure before the growling and heavy riffs come through to compete on this stand out track.  ‘Void’, filthy guitars, machine gun drums and gruff vocal dragging you down to the depths of hell only to be lifted out again by the melodic range of Michelle’s tuneful voice. Guitar riffs and pace changes forged together with the lead heavy bass give this one a real feel of darkness.’ XII’ with its hardcore pace, a moody angrier vocal from Michelle which then despite the darkness of the story telling ,becomes lithe, dancing with the despairing lyrics which ask “what have you done…”


Well guys.. What have you done? A cracking job of this EP that’s what.


‘Impavidus’ is the Latin word for fearless, undaunted, intrepid or unterrified and this EP is just that.

Heavy, melodic thrash metal, each track is different but with similar undertones showing that the band have really found their song-writing and musical feet.  Guitars and bass merging into a big sticky pool of completeness and constant fast paced drumming work perfectly. Lyrics which run around your head and hooks to match added to Michelle’s vocal range plus the complexity around each track, gives a delightful groove ridden dirty fearless EP very worth of the bands name. 

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