Inglorious - I Don't Need Your Loving (Single)

Lindsay Smith-Boam


I first stumbled across Inglorious a couple of years ago via YouTube with a cracking version of ‘Burn’ hitting my eardrums and transporting me back to the heady days of AOR making me head off to see the band at various venues across the UK, excited to have found a new UK AOR band.


The band are tight with their live performances, as good as their studio recordings if not better – Fronted by the charismatic Nathan James (TSO, Uli Jon Roth) the band have talent by the bucket from the thudding power drumming of Phil Beaver, rhythmic playing of Col Parkinson on Bass, soring riffs from Andreas Eriksson with Wil Taylor on rhythm guitar.  Wil departed the band at the end of 2016 to be replaced with the welcome return of Drew Lowe who appears to have slipped back in to the live performances with ease.


The bands self-titled first album received extensive airplay in the UK and the band have been relentlessly on the road, touring their self-titled first album, appearing at Download, Ramblin Man, Winters End, MORC, supporting Steel Panther around Europe and a co-headline tour with Last In Line to name but a few.


‘I Don’t Need Your Loving’ is the second track to be released from the new album ‘Read All About It’. The track opens with beautiful guitar sounds from Andreas and Wil to be then thrashed away by Phil’s drums and the strong riffs taking over and not letting up reminding me of Deep Purple which is no bad thing. It certainly blows away and winter cobwebs as Nathan delivers his dynamic vocal, his range is simply stunning and his voice distinctive.  Another great track from Planet Rocks Best British Single of the Year winners (for ‘Holy Water’) that has got a hold of my head and is not letting go.  The accompanying video is worth checking out, focusing on the band playing in the studio – complete with backlights and wind machines  - let’s see the band in action, get a feel for who they are -and we do.. Another tick in the box for any AOR fan.


The track shows that the band have hit a sound that is clearly Inglorious, old school melodic rock with a ‘glorious ingloriousness….’


I await the album release with glee… 



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