BIG RED RISING #6 Interview with...  BLIND RIVER


Blind River are a rock band formed by 5 friends and musicians in late 2016, drawing influences from classic rock, blues, and heavy rock. The band have been steadily growing a dedicated fan base using the tried and tested method of playing anywhere and everywhere that is lucky enough to have them, busting their guts in their first year together. This work ethic has led to appearances at Bloodstock Festival and Hard Rock Hell Festival. They already have a few tour dates in their calendar for 2018 including Big Red Rising, 3rd March, at The Big Red on Holloway Road in London.


DTF: You're a very new band, tell me a little about your collective pasts… Godsized, Pig Iron, and all things in between.


BR: Well, that could take an incredibly long time! We've all played in a lot of bands over the years and gained a lot of collective live experience from that. Dan was recently in Pig Iron and Sons of Merrick, Andrew was in Motherload and Godsized, Harry in Noisepicker and Earls of Mars, Will was in Alzir (along with myself) and has played with a whole heap of prog giants and I was in Belligerence and Godsized, although not at the same time as Andrew. So, there's a lot there! I guess it helps us though, having had those experiences, we can use what we've learned to put on the best hard rock shows we can.


DTF: And what made you decide to get together as a band?


BR: Dan and I started jamming and wanted to put together an awesome rock band. We got in contact with the others and through our love playing loud rock music, we became a band. It was pretty quick coming together.


DTF: How do you think you've grown as a band throughout the last 12 months?


BR: We've tried to push it as hard as we can over the past year. Our first gig was the Alley Cat in Denmark Street. We then went on to support Grand Magus at The Underworld, played Desertfest, Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell, Croydon Rocks and a whole load of shows up and down the country. That's where it's at with Blind River, we love playing live and putting on a fucking great show.


DTF: What has been a highlight for you so far?


BR: I would say getting boo'ed at Hard Rock Hell when Harry announced we only had one song left was pretty good. The audience at that particular show were fucking loving it! Either that or the were all just really drunk!


DTF: What attracted you to Big Red Rising?


BR: We played Big Red before at an acoustic show and absolutely loved it. So, when we got asked about Big Red Rising we jumped at the chance to play again.


DTF: What part do you think events like this play in the UK rock scene?


BR: I think they provide a platform for bands to showcase their skills to a new audience and also to other bands as well. You can meet new friends, make new contacts and more to the point grab a beer, a shot and just enjoy yourself. I think shows like this become the backbone of the Rock scene and community.


DTF: How would you best describe your sound to anyone who hasn’t heard you?


BR: High energy hard rock music. I can't really get to the point any quicker than that! 


DTF: What are your current album plans? I hear you’ve recorded a 10-track record…


BR: We have indeed! We recorded live, the old school way, at Middle Farm Studios with Peter Miles. It was a great experience and I don't think we could be any more proud of it. We were trying to get some kind of deal but the year is pushing on so it looks like we'll be releasing it ourselves very soon! If anyone wants to keep an eye on the progress head to or our Facebook (BlindRiverUK) and we'll announce our release date in the coming months.


DTF: Who does the writing? Is it a collaborative effort or do you each write your own bits separately and then bring them together?


BR: It's a huge collaboration. Take our song Going Nowhere, it started with a killer riff from Dan, I embellished on that with a funky little verse bit, Andrew smacks out this huge powerful beat, Will lays down a real groovy bass-line and Harry wails over the top like shit hot vocalist he is and BOOM. Headbang-tastic.


DTF: Who has been your favourite act to support so far?


BR: That is a difficult one. Grand Magus, Planet of Zeus, Warrior Soul they were all really cool. So have been all the local bands we've played with too! Saying that, we're playing with Anvil soon at the Green Door store, Brighton so maybe the best is yet to come!


DTF: Who are your music idols?


BR: When we recorded our album we went out for a quick pint one evening. As we walked into this local bar in deepest darkest Devon the locals stopped and stared. I mean, if there had been a piano in this bar the pianist would've stopped playing too. "Look! 10cc have just arrived!" (Ironically they probably have in this area...) all the tables around INCLUDING young kids laughed at us because we looked like the early 70s AOR monster. So, to answer your question, albeit in Devon, our idols are 10cc.... apparently.




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