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Dead Man’s Whiskey are a London based 5 piece consisting of Nico Rogers, vocals, Billy Kons, lead guitar, Elliott D’Alvarez, rhythm guitar, James Titley, bass and Charlie Gray, drums.


Bringing their brand of hard rock to Big Red Rising on 16th December, DTF checked in to see what the band have been up to.



DTF: You have been together as a band for a while now, has your style changed or evolved as you have got more used to each-others playing styles and personalities?


DMW: We would definitely say our sound has evolved from our first EP. We are becoming more collaborative with our songwriting and more inclined to take risks. We have very different personalities which we think works well, because it brings a mixture of styles to the songwriting process and has helped us expand our sound.


DTF: You have your first management deal, how has this been?  

DMW:Yes, we have been working with Peter Keevil for a little over 5 months now. It’s been going well and we are excited to announce tour dates for the coming year!


DTF: Your debut Album released earlier this year has done well, a great mix of tracks, has it done as well as you’d hoped?


DMW: We're blown away by the reaction to our debut album ‘Under the Gun’. The biggest compliment is that everyone seems to have a different favorite track, so picking a set list isn’t easy these days! We’re immensely proud of the album, we feel it’s helped us make our mark on the music scene and put us on the radar of important individuals, companies and festivals. We plan to tour and promote ‘Under the Gun’ early next year, so we can’t wait to visit new parts of the UK and show them what they have been missing out on!


DTF: The last album was recorded with producer Romesh Dodangoda, are you looking to work with him again?


DMW: Romesh is definitely someone we would like to work with in the future, we learnt a lot from the experience and it was nice to work under his professional guidance.


DTF: I know It isn’t long since you released your album ‘Under the Gun’ but are you writing new music yet?


DMW: We are booked to go back in to the studio early next year to work on some unreleased songs, and we have just started getting back to writing after a hectic year so stay tuned!


DTF: You finished in 3rd place in HRH Highway to Hell, tell us about that experience.


DMW: We were thrilled to play HRH Highway to Hell, not least because we were nominated by our own fans! We were a bit nervous as we chose a pretty left of field cover – ‘Kiss From a Rose’ by Seal, but it went down a treat and is now a live staple in our set. Finishing 3rd was a great achievement and we were happy to share the podium with such great bands as Every Day Heroes and Ryders Creed. There's definitely an exciting future for Hard Rock in the UK!


DTF: Why did you want to play Big Red Rising?


DMW: We have played the Big Red before and it’s definitely one of the best crowds and venues in London. We were also looking forward to working alongside Down the Front again as they helped us a lot in our earlier stages. It’s definitely looking to be one of the best events for promoting new music, and we are always proud to work alongside people trying to keep the scene alive.


DTF: How important are events like this in supporting new music on the scene?


DMW: We can’t express how important it is for events like this to keep the music industry alive and give younger bands a platform to build on. Unfortunately a lot of the music venues are closing down, and events like this are always a welcome sight which let us know that the industry is still thriving.


DTF: What can we expect from your set list for Big Red Rising?


DMW: Unadulterated rock and roll with a few twists on some of our favourite songs as a band.


DTF: What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a band to date?


DMW: We’ve faced our fair share of challenges, but one of the toughest was parting ways with our original drummer. Like new many bands starting out we found our biggest obstacle was a member that wasn’t fully committed. It’s hard enough being in a band as it is, but you have no hope of succeeding unless everyone is pulling in the right direction. Parting ways was tough, but definitely the right decision and since the arrival of Charlie we have gone from strength to strength.  


DTF: What has been your favourite moment from 2017?


DMW: Attending the HRH Awards was an amazing experience. It was an honor being nominated in the Young Blood category alongside Stone Broken, Ryders Creed and Bad Touch. It was a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones within the industry. We came away from that night with so many good stories and new friends, it was nice to relax as a unit for once, even if it was an 8 hour drive each way!


DTF: You have had a pretty busy year in 2017, what’s coming up for you in 2018?


DMW: In 2018 we are going back in the studio to record some new material, sorting our first UK tour, playing a few festivals and also have a few secret projects in the pipeline which we hope to announce soon, so stay tuned!



Be sure to catch this awesome hard rock band at BIG RED RISING #3 on 16/12/17 at The Big Red, London


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