We had a quick catch up with the exciting UK rock band ‘DEPARTED’ ahead of their tour supporting Inglorious and Michael Schenker.


- 2016 was a pretty big year for you guys touring wise and performing alongside some absolute legends and it looks like 2017 has followed suit with your own tour and more high-profile support slots.  Can you sum it up?


Since Ben and I wrote the EP it’s all flown by in a flash to be honest. There’s a massive amount of hard work that has been put in on a daily basis and it’s so nice for it to succeed and to amount to something good. We just need to

capitalise on what we can and to keep the momentum building and hopefully more good things will come our way.


- Has there been a stand out moment?


We always reflect on opening for Status Quo as a landmark gig. Playing in a stadium and opening for such a legendary band can’t be beaten. We had such an incredible reception too, which ended with a standing ovation from the grand stands!


- What can we expect on the Inglorious and Schenker dates?


You can expect honest hard rocking music that will get you off your feet and up for a great time! DEPARTED aim to take the roof off everywhere they play!


- For those who have not heard your music how would you describe your style?


Hard/melodic rock with classic rock references and modern day twists that will give you faith in the rock scene again.


- Is there one track you have recorded that you feel particularly strong about?


“Are You Ready?” Is the main song that people pick up on, it has a great blend of commercial and classic rock. It’s a sing a long tune for sure.


- When can we hear some new music from you?


Come and see us live and you might hear something new!!


- Where do your writing influences come from?


We are pretty eclectic to be honest; it comes from many difference genres and eras which means our writing is quite varied and not just fixed on one sound/genre.


- Have the new guys in the band changed how you want your music to sound or how you write?


For sure, adding any new person to a band will change the dynamic and feel of a song, let alone the future sound of the band. It’s exciting to have more talented people around you to bounce ideas off.


- There are some great new bands coming through.  If you could give them just one bit of advice what would it be?


It’s not an easy ride and work your ass off! 


- One random fact about each of you – not music related…


Mark - I always have odd socks! Ben - obsessed with catering at gigs! Connor - is a typical musician and never has any money Howie - is known as the credit card king!


06/10    The Tivoli, Buckley - w/Inglorious

07/10     St Austell Band Rooms

02/11     O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London – w/Michael Schenker

03/11     O2 Academy, Sheffield – w/Michael Schenker

04/11     O2 Ritz, Manchester – w/Michael Schenker

05/11     Hull City Hall – w/Michael Schenker

25/11     The Globe, Cardiff – w/Big Country

03/12    Planet Rockstock

15/12     The Underworld Camden, London – w/Mason Hill

27/01     Giants Of Rock

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