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Recently announced as one of the acts at Big Red Rising on 16th December at Big Red, London, DTF caught up with Hollowstar for a quick chat.


Hollowstar are singer/bassist Joe Bonson, guitarist Phil Haines and Tom Collett and drummer Jack Bonson, this Cambridgeshire band have already shared stages with Chantel McGregor, Toseland, Stone Broken amongst others and are one of the bands to watch!


DTF: Tell us about how you got together as a band

H: We first got together in 2015. Joe, Jack and Phil had been in a previous band together although it was a few years back! When we decided to start something new Tom was the only choice! He worked with Phil and spent hours talking through guitar techniques. The first time Tom came to the studio and laid down a riff we all knew we had found the final piece to the sound we wanted!

DTF: Your 2017 EP ‘Some things Matter’ has done very well, did it turn out as you had hoped?

H: We spent a lot of time before choosing the six tracks we felt made the most complete sounding EP so a lot of effort went into making sure it was right. It's been a massive learning curve for us as this was our first release. The support we have been given since it came out has been overwhelming and really makes it all worthwhile.

DTF: You have very recently released a video, how was the experience of filming the video for ‘Feel the Burn’?


H: It was a nice change being on location and doing something a bit different. The team at As a Button Productions were awesome to work with and took a lot of the stress away from us.

DTF: When are you writing and recording again?

H: Now! We have just finished the first set of mixing and it sounds huge!! We are working as hard as ever to make sure we have something special for you all.

DTF: What challenges have you faced as a band?

H: Time and money. Its an expensive game trying to make it in music. The commitment you need also puts a strain on normal life, trying to juggle a full time job, a full time band, family, friends and still have some time for yourself is hard. It really takes over every aspect of your life. We wouldn't change it for the world though as we get to do what we love!

DTF: How important is playing the right live venues?

H: Massively important! Firstly they have to be in areas that you have fans wanting to see you live. Just as important is choosing the right shows. If you sound like Metallica there is no point playing with a Little Mix tribute band.

DTF: What made you want to play Big Red Rising?

H: Its well organised, well promoted and well supported. All of that mixed with a great venue makes for a good night!


DTF:How important are events like this to new bands on the scene?

H: Very important! it helps up and coming acts get the exposure they need.

DTF: What can we expect from your set on the night?

H: Big riffs, high energy and lots of sweat! We will be playing some songs from our 'Some Things Matter' EP along with some tracks due for release in 2018!

DTF: Have you a collective ambition that you all want to achieve?

H: Our goal is to make great music and great memories. We are here for a good time, not a long time.

DTF: What has been your favourite moment in 2017?

H: There's been a lot of amazing moments for different reasons but the one thing we have to go with is releasing the EP. It is our first release as a band and I think that will always hold a special place for any musician that goes down this path.

DTF: What is next for you as a band in 2018?

We have new music ready and we are now building the right team behind us to push things forward. We are giving nothing away yet but we already have some special things booked in throughout 2018. We will reveal more after we get Santa out of the way! 



Go see Hollowstar at Big Red Rising #3 at The Big Red, Holloway Road, London on Saturday 16th December


Check out the band here:

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