Heading into 2018 we caught up with SILK ROAD ahead of their appearance at Big Red Rising #4 on January 6th.


Silk Road are a 4-piece hard rock/groove metal band, formed in 2014, who have just relocated to London.  They completed their second EP 'Family Of Four' in December 2016 and have since signed a management deal with TMR, toured extensively and have started writing their debut album.  Silk Road are Bradley Taylor (vocals), Brad Culshaw (bass), Charles Evans (drums) and Rory Drohan (guitar). 


DTF: So, tell us how you got together as a band…


SR: Back in Oxford 2014, Charles and Rory started the band with a completely different line up, having changed bassists and singers a few times over the years we've been lucky enough to find a singer in Bradley Taylor and bassist in Brad Culshaw.

DTF: You’ve been together a while now, how have you evolved as people and as a band?


SR: Personally (Charles, Drums) a hell of a lot has changed over the past few years for myself and I've seen the same changes in all of us. I think each member has had their own flair to add to the music.
And I've watched the band mature in every possible way. When we started the band Rory and I were going for a Skid Row kind of vibe, we kept writing and noticed it sounded absolutely nothing like Skid Row but we loved it.

DTF: For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe the Silk Road style?


SR: Hard rock, bit of blues, heavy funk.

DTF: What attracted you to take part in BIG RED RISING?


SR: We love the Big Red, ever since the 4 of us moved to London it has been our favourite bar. We attend a fair few of the shows that take place, and a few of us have been in the crowd on the Big Red Rising night and loved it! We wanted to get involved straight away!

DTF: What do you have planned for the gig?


SR: You'll have to wait and see for yourselves.

DTF: How important are events like this in supporting new music and unsigned bands?


SR: Events like this are incredible. We love every show we play, but not every show is sponsored by the amazing Jack Daniels, Blackstar, Down the Front Media and Total Rock Radio. The fact that we're able to play these shows with such great support behind it is amazing and really gets us excited for this show.

DTF: How important is the venue to you when playing live? Do you have a favourite venue?


SR: Funnily enough The Big Red is our favourite venue. We have never had a bad night in that bar whether it's playing a show or having a few drinks and watching another show.

DTF: Who do you most admire in the industry at the moment? 


SR: There are a lot of bands absolutely nailing it in the industry right now. A lot of friends of ours doing some really incredible things like heading out on their headline UK tours Signing huge contracts releasing debut albums 2nd Albums etc.
We couldn’t put it down to one band or artist. There are so many that we respect out there.

DTF: What has been your highlight of 2017?


SR: The best moment of 2017 for us would be either bringing Brad Culshaw into the band as his first ever show was at the legendary 100 Club, or Signing with TMR Band Management in October; it was like a step up for us. And we love it.

DTF: What are your plans for 2018?


SR: We announced a few days ago that for 2018 we will be releasing our debut album. We're not going to share too much on it now. But there will be more news soon! 



Come and check out SILK ROAD, alongside some other great bands at BIG RED RISING on January 6th at The Big Red London:

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