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Silvercord are a Hard-Rock/Grunge band from London.  They released their self-titled 3-track debut EP in August 2017. Some have suggested strong hints of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden throughout the EP.  Not a bad comparison to have made. Silvercord are Alex, Jon, Mit, and Will, and we caught up with them recently ahead of their appearance at Big Red Rising #4 on January 6th.



DTF: What inspired you to make music together?


S: Singer songwriter will miles and myself (jackknife seizure guitarist, Mit Inajar) had talked about starting a musical project together since early 2015 as we were both inspired by, and loved so many of the same artists... In mid 2016 we finally started jamming and recording ideas for this project... A year later we put together a band and released our first EP.


DTF: For anyone not familiar with Silvercord, how would you describe your sound?


S: We're heavy in sound, with metal and hard rock influences, yet we try to create an atmospheric vibe with a few of the tracks too... Vocals are soaring, melodic, catchy and aggressive... In my opinion, the perfect combo.


DTF: What challenges have you faced as a band?


S: Well, technically we've only been a band for about a year and the only major challenge we've faced so far was replacing our original bassist, Ben Smart (Killit), who had to leave due to commitments with his other band. However another very good friend of mine Jon Spriggs (wretched toad guitarist) stepped up to the challenge and here we are. 


DTF: What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?

S: Rehearsals have been rather sparse since we started, as we all have a lot going on outside of this band, whether it be a job or other band commitments, it can be quite tricky finding time that we are all available to rehearse, but in 2018 we will have more structured and pre-planned rehearsals.


DTF: Who are your biggest influences?


S: Personally I am hugely influenced by Chris Cornell (and everything he does), Tool, Pantera, Guns n Roses, Alice In Chains, Opeth, Mastodon... The list is endless. We all have different influences in the band I guess, but we all also share the same love for the bands I’ve just mentioned.


DTF: Why is it important for you to be a part of BIG RED RISING?


S: This will be the band's first ever gig and we are all huge fans of the venue too... We've heard good things about 'big red rising' and have been talking with the organisers of the event for a while now to get a slot on the bill.


DTF: How important are events like this in showcasing new music?


S: Very important! There is so much music out there that no one will have heard. New bands emerging out of the, already very dense ocean of music needs a platform to be heard and events like this are a great opportunity for new bands.


DTF: The Big Red is such a great venue, but what other venues have you enjoyed playing at?


S: I personally love the big red and have been going there for years. As I previously mentioned, Silvercord's first gig will be at the big red next month, but individually we have all played many venues with other projects... My personal favourites are The Underworld in Camden, The Lexington in Kings Cross, The Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park, The Anvil in Bournemouth, and Firebug in Leicester... To name a few.


DTF: What are the highlights of 2017 for you as a band?


S: Our highlights were pretty much becoming a full band, recording some music and releasing an EP online.


DTF: What are your plans for 2018?


S: Well, we have already started writing and working on new music, so we will definitely be looking to getting back in a studio to record. We're also planning to work on our live set, our sound and get some more gigs under our belt.


DTF: Just for fun, tell us your musical guilty pleasures…


S: Ha!! Well, I personally (the band are gonna hate me) don't mind a bit of Nickelback now and then, but only in small doses. Not sure about the other guys, probably some crap from the x-factor or something. At least my guilty pleasure still has guitars in, ha-ha!



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