After the final gig of their recent tour supporting Living Colour, we caught up with Stone Broken for a quick chat in the back of their tour bus - which is actually a splitter van full of everything a band needs to travel round the country. They were happy to chat about lots of things.


So it’s the end of the tour… How do you think it’s gone?

Robyn - Amazing - we got on like a house on fire.

Rich - They are a different kind of band to the ones we usually play with so I think it’s opened us up to a much wider variety of people. All the shows went down really well

Chris - They are really nice guys - we wish it could have been longer


Lot of European fans were disappointed that the tour was cut to UK only. Have you got any plans to return to mainland Europe soon?

Rich - there are no definite details, but it’s on the cards, we really want to go back, but nothing is solidly booked in yet.


We saw how much Living Colour respected you as a band - if they invited you to go and support them in the United States, what would your answer be?

All unanimous yes!

Rich - We’d be on the plane before they could get the question out. Its every bands dream to go to the states, for us, to do it with Living Colour would be great.


With your music being quite different to theirs, do you think their US fans would welcome you in the same way that the UK fans have?

Robyn- When you are the support act, you never know really how the fans are going to take you

Chris- Even here, the fans in different places are different, when we do get to the states, I'm sure they would be different. At a lot of shows on this tour, fans have said that both bands are different, but we really gelled.

Rich - We hope so! Normally, it’s about the third date before you really start talking to the other bands on a tour, but with Living Colour, straight from day one, they were making sure we were ok, and we were sharing stories with them.


There are always funny tour stories….What can you tell us about this one?

Chris - Today actually - we had a 6 pack of water, I saw it was leaking and knew there was a hole, I told Rich to give it a squeeze to find out where the hole was. He did, and got soaked! I wish we’d had a camera; it would have been comedy gold!


Have you got any particular highlights of the tour?

Kieron - The London show.

Rich - Yes- we were at the side of stage while Living Colour were on, Vernon gives a shout out for us ‘let's hear it for the fabulous Stone Broken’. Then he goes back and says ‘no - these guys were awesome - great musicians and great people… give Stone Broken a massive round of applause’.

Chris - Tonight they dedicated Cult of Personality to us.

Rich - We gave them a load of our merch - it would be great to see them turn up at their next gig in a Stone Broken tee shirt!


Is there anything you can tell us about the album?

Rich- It’s coming out in 2018

Kieron- That’s just round the corner, not a long time away

Rich- We are finalising artwork. I have put together a mock up and we don't know whether we will go with that, or something along similar lines to All in Time.

Robyn - Things are coming together slowly but surely.


You’ve been playing a couple of the tracks on the new album at your live shows. How is new material going down?

Robyn - Really well - we’re getting great feedback from people who haven’t heard any of our music before, so it is all new to them, as well as those who have seen and heard us and they have told us they can't wait for the new album.

Rich - There has been lots of merch going out to our legions of fans this tour!


You hinted on social media that big things were in the pipeline - is it anything you can tell us yet?

Kieron- We’ve officially signed with Jaba Music Management.

Rich- we’ve been working with them for a while, but now the contracts are signed. Other than that, there are lots of things coming. Watch this space!


Most bands have Facebook communities for their fans; you guys have the Broken Army.

What do you think make the Broken Army one of the tightest fan groups out there?


Rich - It’s the people. Someone up there has picked the nicest people to be our fans. They all get along. When you go to a SB gig, you aren’t on your own - you recognise people. That’s what it should be - fans talking to each other - and the merch brings people together.-

Chris - It’s like one big family. They want to know who is going to what shows so they can meet up before the show.


How important is it to you to spend time meeting fans after the shows?

Robyn- We always make ourselves available. We love meeting the fans, talking to them signing things for them.

Rich- We love it. Without the fans we wouldn’t be where we are and we are glad that they are taking the time out to come and see us.


You’ve had a great 2017 - what's next? We know that you’ve got Rockstock and Winters End coming up…How do you feel about four major Planet Rock events?

Rich - The support we’ve had from Planet Rock is just on another level. We’ve had 4 singles play listed, 4 events - two headline slots coming up and a magazine launch. There is a lot more to come. We love working with them and the friendship we’ve had from them is great.

Robyn - We are playing at Winterstorm Festival and our diary that is filling up for next year. Every band should want to be on the road, and that is what we are trying to do.


Stone Broken has one of the widest range of merch you are regularly coming up with new ideas from hip flasks to jewellery - what else can we expect?

Rich - We’ve been looking into trucker hats, beanies - we tend to go with what we think people want - like the patches - people asked for them so we got them. We’d like people to keep the suggestions coming! We’ve had some weird suggestions, like the kettle - we want to keep it family friendly but we are open to anything really.


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