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Formed in 2015 by guitarist Adam Mackie and singer John Drake, The Dust Coda have played with the likes of The Dead Daisies and Black Stone Cherry, and released their self titled debut album in October 2017.


The album includes the singles Weakness, Save Me and When The Tide Comes In, all of which have received a great deal of airplay and high acclaim. The band were nominated by Planet Rock for Best New Act 2017, and have had their song Weakness included in Classic Rock’s top 50 tracks of 2017.


The Dust Coda have been announced as one of the exciting acts on the bill for BIG RED RISING #5 on 3rd February. Held at The Big Red, one of London's finest rock bar and music venues, and in partnership with London Rock band Red Hawk Rising, they are opening their doors to showcase original rock bands from all across the UK, on the first Saturday of every month.


DTF: Wow you guys had a great year last year!  It must be a really exciting time for you right now, what were some of your highlights from 2017?


TDC: It was a great year! Too many highlights to mention but if we had to summarise it would be - self-releasing our debut album, our album launch show which was epic! , reading all the album reviews from the media, and the feedback from the fans both at gigs and via social media which still blows us away

DTF: How do you think you've grown as a band throughout the last 12 months?


TDC: The band has definitely grown a lot in the right direction. This time last year only a pocket full of people had heard about us (including your good selves :) ) but now we are posting CDs and Vinyl to all different parts of the world!


DTF: You’ve built quite a following, what do you think has been the main platform that has helped you with that?


TDC: We've been really lucky to get support and coverage from people like Planet Rock Radio and Classic Rock Magazine. The impact from the exposure from Classic Rock especially, who have got right behind the band since hearing the album, has been great and we've seen our reach and fan base grow as a result. It's been great to meet fans at gigs who come up to us and say they've come along because they have read about us or heard us on the radio :) Another thing we are proud of is that we put on a good show which helps strengthen our reputation and spread the word.

DTF: After you had recorded the album were you more excited or nervous about how it would be received?


TDC: Excited - all the way. We are pretty strict on quality control and not any old song was going to get on that album. So we were pretty pumped with the end result and excited about sharing it with the world.

DTF: Are you under pressure to start writing album number two yet?


TDC: The good thing about rock n' roll music is that it is a very organic genre, and as a result we are always writing new material. So whilst there is no immediate pressure yet for album no.2, we are starting to stockpile a load of new material which is starting to sound pretty damn hot!

DTF: What are your plans for 2018? Tour? Festivals?


TDC:  A definite sign of our progression is the festival slots we've been booked for this year. We've got Winter's End, Steelhouse, Wildfire, and Hard Rock Hell all confirmed. Like the rest of the rock bands on the planet we are also crossing our fingers for Ramblin' Man Fair. We've also been asked to play at Brewdog's annual general meeting in Aberdeen arena in April which hosts up to 10k employees, which will be very cool.

We've just signed up with a new management team, which we are pretty excited about, so the plans for 2018 and beyond are being put together as we speak ...

DTF: What made you want to take part in BIG RED RISING?


TDC: We are all London based and The Big Red is by far one of THE COOLEST rock bars around! We got in touch with Rick and team early on when he was putting lineups together and it just made sense that we should be part of it. The fact that people like DTFP and TotalRock radio are involved only helps to show how the rock scene is growing from strength to strength - and it's great to be part of that.

DTF: How important are events like this, do you think, in establishing new and upcoming bands?


TDC: Very - with a good venue and brands behind them, it gives new bands with talent a great stage to shout about and start attracting new fans.

DTF: What are you most looking forward to about the event?


TDC: The Big Red serves the best pulled pork nachos and they have an AC DC pinball machine!

I was also lucky enough to go to the first Big Red Rising show last year, and Red Hawk Rising were awesome! So I'm very much looking forward to seeing them again.

DTF: What do you have planned for us at BIG RED RISING?


TDC: The usual full blooded TDC rock n roll show, with a couple of new songs thrown in for you :)


DTF: What do you like best about performing live?


TDC: I wasn't able to say this a year ago, but without doubt seeing fans in the audience singing along to your songs is a whole new buzz which feels great and makes you very proud.

DTF: Do any of you have any pre-show routines when you perform live or go on the road?

TDC: It's pretty simple for us. If you are driving - you don't drink. If you aren't driving - you drink :)

DTF: Who are your musical heroes?


TDC: Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones - to name a few :)


DTF: If you could support any band or artist on the road this year, who would it be and why?

TDC: Easy - Guns N' Roses at Download this summer. We saw them play London last summer and it was without doubt one of the best, if not the actual best, shows I have ever been to. I was genuinely blown away and don't mind admitting that I nearly shed a small tear with emotion during Estranged because it was that good!




John Drake – Vocals and Guitar

Adam Mackie – Lead Guitar

Tony Ho – Bass

Scott Miller – Drums




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