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Recently announced as one of the three exciting acts at Big Red Rising #5 on 3rd February at The Big Red, London, DTF caught up with Trident Waters for a quick chat.


Trident Waters are Vocalist/ Guitarist Andrew Knightly, Bassist Wilson Zaidan & Drummer Leon Ashby. This London Blues Rock band are certainly a band to watch out for!


DTF: Tell us how you got together as a band?


TW: Well the band has evolved over a period of about 3 years. Myself and Reno got together with Leon about 18 months ago and we began writing an album that became Seven.

DTF: You recently released your album ‘Seven’ in the autumn of last year; did it all turn out as you had hoped?


TW: We're really pleased with the album. We recorded it and produced it ourselves. It's an evolution from our debut E.P Tales Of Conflict and Devotion. We wanted to get some songs out that we'd been working on for a while. It goes from full on Hard Rock to Kinda Gospel vibes in Solar. We should probably get some PR behind it as it's hard to get people's attention.

DTF: Wilson has recently joined the band after the departure of original bassist Reno, how has that changed the band dynamic?


TW: It's early days but Wilson has brought a renewed enthusiasm and new ideas. It was important to get the right person as Reno was an important member of the band. I think we found him!

DTF: Back in October you spoke about wanting to start writing and recording a second album in early 2018, how are things going with that?


TW: Yeah really good, we've got 3 or 4 new tracks so far. I think we're doing a new single in February. The next album will probably be a more organic sounding album than Seven. More of a blues feel. We don't want to repeat ourselves.

DTF: What challenges have you faced as a band since your formation?


TW: Mostly getting attention and the fact there are more bands than gigs. It can be a bit of a closed shop sometimes but we've persevered and good things are coming our way now.

DTF: How important is playing the right live venues?


TW: It's really important because your live show is everything. The soundman has to be on your side and I have to get my amp loud to get the tone the way I like it. I've even used a baffle in front of my amp recently!

DTF: What made you want to play Big Red Rising?


TW: Big Red is a favourite bar of mine and I like what the guys in Red Hawk Rising do. I went to one of the shows before Christmas and really enjoyed the vibes.

DTF: How important are events like this to new bands on the scene?


TW: Really important because you get a chance to showcase to your target audience when it's a considered bill of acts. Some venues have punk bands next to acoustic folk singers

DTF: What can we expect from your set on the night?


TW: Our material is quite varied but you can expect a high energy rock show cranked to 12


DTF: Where has been your favourite venue to play at so far?


TW: The Woodlands in Gillingham. We did a 2 hour set and the sound and venue were fantastic. Great crowd too who really appreciate music

DTF: If you could support one band, which would you pick and why?


TW: Personally, I'd probably say Joe Bonamassa or Black Country Communion. As a band probably AC/DC (if that would even be possible now). That's not one band is it!


DTF: What are you plans for the rest of 2018?


TW: We're doing a single and video in February then going on tour in April and May. Then looking at doing some festivals over the summer. That aside we're open to offers


Go see Trident Waters at Big Red Rising #5 at The Big Red, Holloway Road, London on Saturday 3rd February.

Check out the band here:



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