INVIDIA - As The Sun Sleeps (Album)

Samantha Lloyd


‘As The Sun Sleeps’ is the debut album from Las Vegas nu-metal band Invidia, a ‘Supergroup’ made up of musicians from some of the best bands that the metal genre has to offer.


Invidia was originally formed with now ex-band member Travis Johnson from IN THIS MOMENT, but after a clash of commitment issues, Johnson returned to his spot as bass player with the aforementioned group and was replaced on lead vocals by Evan Seidlitz (Thrown into Exile, Grimace, Vyces). The rest of the group is made up of ex- Skinlab members Brian Jackson on lead guitar and Marcos Medina Rivera on rhythm guitar; Matt Snell, ex-Five Finger Death Punch on bass guitar; and Darren Badorine, ex-Six Ounce Gloves on drums. After signing with SPV/Steamhammer/Oblivion in January 2017, the band put together their debut album ‘As The Sun Sleeps’ with music producer and ‘Once Human’ guitarist Logan Mader.


The 11 track album kicks off with ‘Now Or Never’, a track that screams ‘LETS GO!’ as the heavy drums of Badorine smatter the eardrums and the heavy riffs of Jackson and Rivera rain down upon me. Instrumentally it hits hard and full of metal aggression that feels somewhat military in its delivery but vocally I’m seriously questioning whether or not I like this album already, and we’re only on the first track!


‘Making Amends’ is musically ok, but again it lacks any real vocal range or definition, instead displays monotone aggressive vocals that lack any real interesting delivery. ‘Feed The Fire’ has a better intro, includes some good riffs throughout and thankfully on this track the vocals are better, intensifying, regressing then intensifying again. It’s a much better track than the previous 2 tracks. ‘Rotten’ has a really sombre tone throughout the track – ‘I’m rotting from the inside out!’ - Yeh, so are my ear drums at the moment! This track is depressing with its very unpleasant, sombre tone yet interesting with its questionable lyrical content. I don’t like it!


From depressing to what seems like parody, we skip to the next track ‘Marching Dead’, a zombie influenced Walking Dead track that has heavy vocals, stomping riffs and industrial feel drums that make the track feel like it should have been featured in some cheap budget B movie rather than as a serious attempt to make waves on a debut album.


On a more positive note! I really like the opening lyrics to ‘Smell the Kill’ – “You need an ocean of angels to save your soul, I fear!” – The vocals are less aggressive in their delivery and I can hear a vocal range emerging from the depths, the whispering lyrics mid track are somewhat eerie while the overall composition leaves me with a slightly hopeful feeling for the remainder of the album. ‘Till Death’ wallops the airwaves with its repetitive riffs and drums, with its repetitive riffs and drums, repetitive riffs and drums.. oh did I say that already? Repetitive and predictable as it is, I have to say that the track isn’t awful, it’s just ok. ‘Step Up’ seems to be an attempt to draw in the likes of MMA fighters from the UFC or boxers to use this song as their entrance music – “Rocky Balboa with a splash of Creed” -though real boxing and any other full contact sport isn’t as it is in the movies I’m afraid! “Step Up Motherf**cker, STEP UP!” Without a doubt this track will get you in the mood to fight and pummel your opponent into the canvas, it is aggressive and antagonistic with a slight splattering of ego boost adrenaline and strangely enough, I like it!


‘Truth in the Sky’ erupts with obliterating drums and bass lines that blast away from the offset. The riffs hit your senses like a sledge hammer and the vocals are intense (the latter part of this album pleases me so far). ‘The Other Side’ begins with somewhat eerie, gravelly vocals that intensify until the drums kick in with machine gun firing ratatatatat.. the vocal harmonies work well and give this track a different edge to it over the others on the album. Title track ‘As The Sun Sleeps’ is reserved for last place on the track list and it leaves me with an ominous feeling of some menacing foreboding that lurks in the shadows, ‘this is the end of days!’... again, I like it despite the uneasiness it makes me feel.


Considering the talent that exists within this band I’m really surprised that I’m not blown away by this album. I was expecting so much more and maybe that’s where I was let down, I expected too much! I am hopeful that their next offering will be a tighter, more exhilarating, and better-refined album.


Track Listing:


Now or Never

Making My Amends

Feed the Fire


Marching Dead

Smell the Kill

Till Death

Step Up

Truth in the Sky

The Other Side

As the Sun Sleeps


Band Members:


Evan Seidlitz – Vocals

Brian Jackson – Guitars

Matt Snell – Bass

Marcos Medina – Guitars

Darren Badorine - Drums


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