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Jack J Hutchinson’s style of dirty, scuzzy blues Americana and rock that is portrayed in his new album Paint No Fiction, really has the ability to hook you into every song. Hailing from London, he has put together a mix of Deep South blues roots juxtaposed against contemporary riffs that will entice, enchant, and hold the attention while drawing you into the sometimes psychedelic spacey feel of the album.


‘Paint No Fiction’ was recorded at Shoe Box Studios, South London, and produced by Tony Perretta after Hutchinson’s pledge campaign met with success, reaching its goal within 24 hours of going live. ‘Paint No Fiction’ follows the release of his album with the Boom Boom Brotherhood and contains some of the most heartfelt and fuzziest blues this side of the Atlantic.


‘Deal With The Devil’ is the first track and it’s a full on Americana style track with the attitude and punch of a rock song. There’s no messing about with this track; it’s heavy, full of rhythm coupled with a catchy chorus that sticks in your head. ‘Written In Stone’ sees a change in tempo with slower scuzzy blues pace that feels like it could have been taken directly from the Deep South. Hutchinson’s vocals are grainy and full of blues soul.


‘Hip Slickin’’ sees the tempo upped again, the funky beat is infectious and reminds me a little of Lynard Skynard. I love this track and I’m adding this firmly onto my Spotify playlist; it’s one of those feel good tracks that makes you want to keep hitting replay. ‘Rattlesnake Woman’ is the first single to be released from the album and it’s a great track, full of heavy riff driven rock and blues in the intro that drop off into a more laid back and scuzzier sounding verse and bridge, the vocals reaching up higher for the chorus before dropping back into the laid back slow swagger. Three-quarters of the way into the track and you are treated to a heavy riff that requires nothing but your full attention. If nothing else, listen to this track!


‘Hold Me Close’, ‘Send Me A Signal’ (my favourite of the ballads) and ‘Hard Right In My Dreams’ are ballads, with soothing vocals, heartfelt lyrics and the kind of musical composition that make you want to snuggle up with a loved one and chill the day away, while ‘Cut The Noose’ and ‘Skin and Bones’ are mid tempo swaggering blues tracks. The use of the harmonica in ‘Skin and Bones’ add an authentic Deep South traditional blues feel to the music, the bass offering a bouncy quality while the repetition of lyrics ‘Skin and Bone’ will linger in your head well after the song has finished. ‘I Got Your Number’ has the same swagger to it, the same bounce with lyrics that sound somewhat bitter “Look here, look what you’ve done, my heart is in a ragged place… …you’re nothing but a sorry disgrace”, “I’ve lost count of all your lies”. ‘Set Your Heart For The Sun’ is the kind of track that makes you think, it allows you to feel reflective in tone yet inspirational in its delivery. A beautiful song in all.


Jack J Hutchinson has provided us with an album that encompasses a little bit of something for everyone. Heartfelt lyrics, rocking heavy riffs, traditional feel blues, mid tempo and upbeat tracks all rolled into 11 tracks on one album that feels so diverse yet so at home in any album collection.


Down The Front Media caught up with Jack J Hutchinson prior to the release of the album ‘Paint No Fiction’, to read the full interview please click here.


Contributing and making a guest appearance on this album are the following:

Jack J Hutchinson – Vocals and guitar

Mike Ross – Guitar

Alberto Manuzzi – Keys

Loris Peverani – Drums

Dani Rock – Double bass

Marc Burguera – Guitar

Morgan Platt – Drums


To find out more about Jack J Hutchinson and his other endeavours have a look at his website or his Facebook page on the links below:


Website: https://jackjhutchinsonmusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JackJHutchinsonBand/


Track Listing:

Deal With The Devil

Written In Stone

Hip Slickin’

Hold Me Close

Cut The Noose

Set Your Heart For The Sun

Rattlesnake Woman

Skin and Bones

I Got Your Number

Send Me A Signal

Hard Right In My Dreams


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