Lindsay Smith-Boam


London based post hardcore band Jack the Envious are: Nir Perlman – Vocals, Guy Avnon – Guitar and Guy Checharov – Bass / backing vocals.  Following on from their first EP ‘Pull You Down’, their second EP titled ‘In Your Own Way’ is due for release on the 14th July.  


Hardcore, alternative and high energy are just some of the words that spring to mind on the first listen of this EP.


‘Shut Me Off’, a  light  intro leading into big drums, changes of tempo and death voices distantly thrown in for good measure.  Gritty riffs, the lyrics unfurl with a catchy chorus.  I’m liking this track – it feels full of angst. 


‘Begging For More’ is full of heavy cutting riffs, great drumming and a nice bassline rumbling through the background.  Nice bridges to the chorus and catchy melody and lyrics gelling together beautifully to provide another good fast paced solid track.  This is proving to be an enjoyable listen.


‘Guilty’ light melodic opening and another beautifully constructed riff before the rhythm kicks in – love the gritty guitar edging through a powerful vocal and strong lyric.  There’s lots going on in this track with good melody and angry death growl voice kicking through the complexity of the music – A memorable one.


‘Mrs Grim’, the light intro breaking into another fast paced track with a distinct anger to the vocal and lyrics. Another good complex track with a range of diversity to the vocal which makes it a really good listen – Stand out track on the EP


‘Never Look Down’ a light delicate touch which lulls you into a calm before the storm breaks.  The vocal is clear and a delicious funky bass during the slower section of the track enhances the slightly different vibe to the track before being buried in the clever mixing. 


The EP is well produced and has a consistency in the tracks without being boxed in to a specific genre, so many different styles in the writing drawing on their military and political experiences makes this a very enjoyable energetic EP.


The guys say they have lots of songs in their arsenal and struggled to choose 5 songs for this EP.  I’m looking forward to hearing more….


Catch them at their first UK headline show on the 5th July at The Black Heart in Camden.


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