JARED JAMES NICHOLS - End Of Time (Single)



This is possibly the easiest review I'll ever have to write as I know the song well and it's one of my favourite JJN songs. 'End of Time' is the new single from the 'Black Magic' album and weaves voodoo bewitchment over me as it snakes its way through massive riffs and sexy licks, just the right of side of dirty rock n roll.


Baby-faced 29 year old Jared had performed 500 gigs by the time he was 21 and, man it shows. This is an axeman with style in spades, blues influenced, who can take you on a hell of a ride with his trusty Les Paul "Old Glory" and some kick-ass soulful vocals. He has a mastery over his instrument which most will never achieve. His second album 'Black Magic’ was released January 2018 and has gained widespread critical acclaim.


'End of Time' is a killer single with a powerful grinding beat and gritty vocals, which moves the body without permission, not that you mind in the slightest! A thoroughly nice guy as well as being uber cool and extremely talented, Jared is in his prime and the track is relentless in its swagger with great sex appeal. The intense and raunchy 2 minute 46 seconds goes too damn fast for me as I love it.


Buy it. Buy the album. Easy.





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