JEFF SCOTT SOTO - Retribution (Album) (Release Date: 10.11.17)



Jeff Scott Soto is about to descend on us again with his new album ‘Retribution’, due to be released on Frontiers Music Srl.  He has the power pipes, he has the talent and he has the songs.


Retribution delivers in all areas, THAT voice, wonderful well written songs and a great bunch of musicians playing on the album.


‘Retribution’ is the opening track and assaults your ears with hard and heavy drums, awesome riffs and a huge chorus.  Jeff’s vocal is full of power and emotion, preaching of revolution and retribution.  What a great opening!


‘Inside Outside’ continues in a similar vein.  Hard and heavy, hugely melodic and some riffling riffs.  ‘Rage of the Year’ continues the pace, low riffs, lovely layers of vocals on the chorus; this is Soto on a roll!


‘Reign Again’ is slower paced, it’s melodic and has a ‘foreigner’ feel to it.  A big powerful track.


Now I fall in love with Jeff yet again.  ‘Feels Like Forever’ is the first of the ballads on the album and has you falling into the lighter guitar and drum into and as the track builds, Jeff’s voice full of emotion and pain. The guitar solo from Howie Simon is simply stunning!


‘Last Time; is a lovely heavier track, mid-tempo with a rippling bass line and yet another catchy chorus.  ‘Bullet For My Baby’ has repeated riffs, an aggression to the still melodic vocal.  An ear-wormer of a track.


‘Song For Joey’.  What can I say? The story behind the track is well known if you are a Soto fan and Jeff’s obvious loss transfers the pure emotion felt when this was written for his brother. .’I walk this road alone because heaven took your soul away’. Beautiful vocal, beautiful heartfelt words.  Obviously a deeply personal song for Jeff and one that will touch the heart of many a listener, the pain in Jeff’s voice is clear to hear.


‘Breakout’ has us back to the fast paced, power laced, guitar driven melodic rock. ‘Dedicated to You’ is full if riffage and powerful drumming, fast paced and full of catchy hooks and a strong vocal.


‘Autumn’ closes the album in a lighter manner.  An acoustic ballad with a delicacy to Jeff’s voice which firmly establishes him yet again in my heart…I can’t help it – I just melt….


This is overall a really good album.  It is very Soto.  It is a lovely mix of power ballads and out and out rock. The stand out track has to be ‘Song For Joey’. It is so deeply emotional and personal but there are other goodies too and it is well worth a listen.


Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals, Keyboards

Howie Simon – Guitar, Bass (except ‘Reign Again’ and ‘Song for Joey’)

Edu Cominato – Drums

August Zadra – Guitar on ‘Reign Again’

Stephen Sturm – Guitar on ‘Reign Again’

Carlos Costa – Bass on ‘Reign Again’

Paul Mendonca – Guitar, Keyboards and Bass on ‘Song For Joey’


Produced and Arranged by Jeff Scott Soto and Howie Simon


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