JET BLACK 3 - Carousel (Single)


Since the release of ‘Carousel’ (25th April), the newest single from Exeter rock trio Jet Black 3, the band have seen a steady trickle of reviews rolling in, as well as seeing their newest track added to a few UK and US Radio playlists. The attention that the track receives is well deserved, the uniquely noticeable vocals of frontman Robert Papworth and the accompanying instruments from Phil Borrett on guitar and Simon Snowdon on drums, makes for a track that is both uplifting, grungy and charismatic.

However, you’d be forgiven for noticing there’s no bass player in this band, don’t let that put you off at all though as their sound doesn’t lack any quality, there’s no thinning to the overall production as Jet Black 3 produce a depth that neither lacks nor requires the injection of the bass. Played through a combination of guitar and bass amps, Phil Borrett’s guitar purrs and growls through every second of the track giving the riffs a wonderful throaty grunge feel topped off that are complemented with the unique vocal twang of Papworth, making Jet Black 3 stand out among the crowd.

‘Carousel’ has a wonderful old school feel to the sound mixed in with a modern approach of indie/alt rock and grunge that you’d be hard fixed to find anywhere else on the UK rock scene. Swaggering and swooning its way through the speakers with punchy drums and a wholesome rhythm, this is one track that’s sure to attract you towards their live performances, “Life’s a carousel, I hope it treats you well”.

The music video to accompany ‘Carousel’ is currently being recorded and will be unveiled soon so make sure you check it out on Jet Black 3’s YouTube channel at

As always, go check them out for yourself at the usual places:

Jet Black 3 are:
Robert Papworth - Vocals

Phil Borrett - Guitar

Simon Snowdon - Drums

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