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Jet Black 3 are a three-piece band hailing from Devon describing themselves as 'Charismatic, Colourful and Raw' counting themselves among the new breed of British artists keeping the heart of rock music beating.


The band have been successfully honing their craft around the live London rock scene with their mix of rock/grunge and have captured the interest of both UK and US radio stations.


I'm not going to lie, after reading that there was no bass player in the band, I was sceptical as surely the bass is a pivotal cog in any rock band? - that was before I heard the tracks. I have to hold my hands up and admit that I was wrong and need not have feared.....the band have created a distinctive sound from the pioneering Phil Borrett's guitar, as it is played through a guitar amp and a bass amp to give it a distorted bottom end as well as a classic guitar tone.


Their first single 'Remember My Name' was released on 24th February through Animal Farm Label.


'Remember My Name' is full on from start to finish showing the unique vocal style of Rob Papworth with earworm catchy lyrics. Forceful guitar sounds and strong drumming from Chris Tozer holding the track at a machine gun pace to the end. This track sticks in your head and makes you want to hear more. The accompanying video, filmed in black and white, gives the impression of 3 guys just enjoying their music and allowing an insight into there personalities.


'Why On Earth' is a mid-tempo track with great riffs complementing Robs melodic vocal. The guitar sound working well and keeping the listeners interest to the end.


'Reign' is a welcome addition with throaty opening riffs leading to Robs clear and tuneful vocal will be a definite crowd pleaser. Fast paced and memorable.


Not one to miss!






Remember My Name Music Video


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