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Jizzy Pearl is an American vocalist who has fronted Love/Hate, L.A. Guns and Ratt. In the late 1980s, Love/Hate achieved notoriety as the house band at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood. Jizzy is well known for his unmistakable and joyously-sleazey vocals and big stage presence. Following his UK tour this month, Jizzy will reunite with original Love/Hate drummer Joey Gold, along with guitarist Darren Housholder, for a special homecoming show at the Whisky A Go Go.


With a mixed reaction amongst my friends, I was a little reticent on first listening but it's immediately clear that Jizzy has not lost an ounce of his passion or effortless style, as the album opens with the raucous 'You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone'. This first track starts with a trademark Jizzy screech, and the persistent beat, tasty riffs and exuberant gnarly vocal keep the track going from the opening note.


'Comin' Home To The Bone ' has a classic Love/Hate sound, old school rock with teasing hooks, pounding drums and a heavy bassline. There area few "Hey Yeah Yeah"s and a stunning guitar solo. 'High For An Eye ' is a scorching sleaze-fest with touches of outlaw and an exquisite chugging guitar.


The title track, 'All You Need Is Soul', is a real stand out track for me, with an addictive groove and grimy riffs, a contemporary song which retains all of Jizzy's beloved charm and familiar sound, proving once again that Jizzy Pearl is one of a kind.


'House of Sin' is incredibly fun and a little bluesy. 'Mortified' begins again with that screech, quickly letting us know it's hard and heavy, with a lush, grumbling groove overlaid with screaming guitar. Pure rock n roll and a must have for my playlist. 'Frustrated' is in your face and angry, fierce riffs and head-banging pleasure.


The stand out song on the album for me is the longest at almost 7 minutes; 'When The Devil Comes' which blends southern rock into a grungy feast and throws in a little blues too! The vocals are husky and gritty, the bass tantalisingly slow. De-lic-ious. The guitar solos hit me like neat vodka, and those underlying riffs… #hearteyes


'You Don't Know What It's Like ' has a timeless retro vibe but fits into the album well, showcasing the different elements to Jizzy Pearl and where he came from. I think this track is under-rated but it is simply fabulous and one of my favourites.


The only ballad on the album, 'It Doesn't Matter ', interweaves acoustic guitar segments, contrasted well against the raw and passionate vocals. It's tamer and more melodic rock than headbanger but is in no way a predictable power ballad and demonstrates a flexibility and diversity. 'Little Treasures' is back to Jizzy's hard and heavy best, tough and aggressive vocals but with atmospheric backing vocals which bring a fresh dimension to the sound, a touch indie in places. Again, demonstrating that Jizzy Pearl has more tricks up his sleeve.


The closing track, 'Mr Jimmy', is vibrant and energetic, a punk-infused grungy rock sound with a magnificent vintage guitar solo, and is a satisfying close to a great album. Rock is not dead, and we can still learn from and be impressed by the pioneers who continue to make great music, get on the road and make us rock out.


If you like sleaze or glam rock, you'll probably like this. If you like Jizzy Pearl, (and his various bands) you'll probably love this. Jizzy appears to be reinvigorated and is in fine form. He has wisely surrounded himself with talented musicians who breathe life and soul into the music, setting riffs alight, but Jizzy Pearl is the shining light and still total badass.


Track listing:

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

Comin' Home To The Bone

High For An Eye

All You Need Is Soul

House Of Sin



When The Devil Comes

You Don't Know What It's Like

It Doesn't Matter

Little Treasures

Mr Jimmy



Dave Moreno (Puddle of Mudd) - drums

Darren Housholder (Love/Hate) - guitar

Mark "Muddy" Dutton (Chris Robinson Brotherhood) - bass







Dataclan (EP), Dataclan, 1985

Blackout in the Red Room, Love/Hate, 1990

Wasted In America, Love/Hate, 1992

Let's Rumble, Love/Hate, 1994

I'm Not Happy, Love/Hate, 1995

Livin' Off Layla, Love/Hate, 1997

Let's Eat, Love/Hate, 1999

Shrinking Violet, L.A. Guns, 1999

Greatest & Latest, Love/Hate, 2000

Adler's Appetite (EP), Adler's Appetite, 2005

Vegas Must Die, Jizzy Pearl, 2005

Just A Boy, Jizzy Pearl, 2007

Acoustic Gypsy Live, L.A. Guns,  2011

Crucified, Jizzy Pearl, 2013

Quiet Riot 10, Quiet Riot,  2014

All You Need Is Soul, Jizzy Pearl, 2018

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