KALEB MCKANE - Universe In Reverse (EP)



London based guitarist Kaleb McKane is somebody you probably haven’t heard of yet. That is because he has spent the last several years cutting his teeth doing everything from sideman duty to a residency playing Hendrix at The legendary Troubadour. Now he has finally released his much anticipated debut E.P. `Universe In Reverse`.


The E.P. begins with the title track. Dreamily fading in with marching band drums and languid guitar, `Universe In Reverse` begins with an almost Radiohead quality before the heavy riff slams in. “Another day on planet Earth, I think it’s getting worse and worse” Kaleb sings before the staggering guitar solo. This song is Kaleb McKane summed up neatly in just over four minutes.


Second track `Psycho Sexual Supernova` starts with a distant acoustic loop in the style of `Wish You Were Here` before the main riff comes in like a wrecking ball. A real Stratocaster player in the style of Hendrix or Robin Trower, Kaleb plays with a fluidity and fire that is truly jaw dropping, especially when experienced live. The song ends with a soaring two minute solo before the melody is left to drift softly into silence.


Not only is Kaleb a gifted guitarist, he is also a great songwriter with a genuinely impressive voice to boot! All these skills blend beautifully on the final song of the EP the dreamy cosmic number `Lack Of Gravity`. Starting off with a gentle acoustic rhythm, the song builds to the climax with its immense guitar solo. It’s a perfectly fitting way to end his first of hopefully many releases. The best debut release I have heard all year.

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