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In case you've been living under a rock somewhere and haven't heard of them, KANE'D are a 7 piece alt rock band from Wales fronted by three sisters, Stephanie, Cheryl and Stacey Kane. The sisters met Harry many moons ago and started writing music together. Josh joined the band through an acquaintance with Harry, and the two have been in Kane'd from the beginning. Harry's younger brother, George, joined later on drums, and finally Jack completed the lineup on bass. They describe themselves as a "hard hitting alt-indie rock band with unbelievable high energy performances and unforgettable music which will set your pulses racing". Kane'd are about to release their third self-funded album, 'Show Me Your Skeleton', and will undertake their first headline tour of the UK and Europe in support of the album, starting with the launch show on the 9th February 2018.


The album launches straight in with the incredibly catchy and rumbling 'Invidia' - four minutes of pure melodic rock ‘n’ roll joy which smacks you right in the face with beautiful harmonies and a kick-ass drum beat. This is a track of epic proportions in my opinion; "things will never be the same… what have you done." The guitars in the intro remind me of GnR Terminator 2, the lyrics are meaningful, and the overall feel of the song is of good battling evil, and triumphing. The word 'Invidia' is Latin for envy (yes, I looked it up) and I'll bet there'll be lots of green-eyed monsters around when this is released. I honestly don’t even want to move on to the next track. This is addictive; a jammie-donut of a track and heavier than previous stuff I've listened to by Kane'd. This is going straight on my playlists. A very respectable start to the album. I am woman, hear me roar.


Next up is the title track 'Show Me Your Skeleton' the video for which is available via YouTube if you fancy a peek. This is melodically-rich, graceful and seductive. The all-male backline are very strong musically, and the ladies provide beautiful vocals, all of which weaves together nicely. This song has a more vulnerable and exposed feel, gentler and more like a ballad in sentimentality - show me the real you… “show me your skeleton and I won't run". The hook invades your subconscious. A great guitar solo, and not too short or too long, and these ladies have hella vocals. Impressive.


'I Won't Bite' kicks it up a gear with lots of bite (they lied), a throbbing beat and angrier vocals. The bass is a growling beast in this song and the drums thunderous. In 'Don't Turn on the Lights' the girls are back to their melodious best in what I'd describe as a gorgeous heavy pop song that rockets heavenwards. The lyrics are cleverly-written and reflective. Just after 2 and a half minutes, the song seamlessly segues into a breathtaking final verse before the climactic guitar solo and chorus. There's a rich vitality to this track which is difficult to ignore. ‘Invidia’ is my favourite on the album but this track is one serious ear-worm! It's burrowed deep and isn't coming out. That chorus has been in my head for a week now.


Now I'm about to be freaked out by The Exorcist/Tubular Bells at the start of 'I Do What I Want', which proves to be yet another rousing Kane'd anthem. This is a devil-may-care frolic of a track, which also closes with that freaky tinkling exorcist theme… As you can tell, I'm a wuss. A great song but it does remind me of spinning heads! 'Reckless' delivers a powerhouse performance full of attitude. The vocals are what make this band, but that isn’t to say the rest of the band is untalented, far from it. I especially like the rhythm section in this track - head is nodding nicely like a Churchill dog and I'm jiggling in my seat! People often forget that the bass is what moves your hips; nobody could forget the bassline here. 'Hey Hello' - wow, I really love those riffs. The drums didn’t do what I expected though, but hey I'm no drummer. The drums and guitar compete for my attention in this song and my body isn’t quite sure which to follow. 'Never Surrender' has a killer riff and classic guitar solo but otherwise doesn't stand out for me. It's a generic rock album filler track with an 80s edge.


The next song, 'Sin', tells us a story about mistakes and forgiveness, and brings back those striking vocals which set this band apart and demonstrates their vocal range. Never make the mistake of thinking that female singers lack power or only perform ballads as these girls do not. Another musical romp with a magical blend of beautiful vocal and skilful musicians. 'Angry' is exactly that. Passionately delivered, I can almost feel the frustration in the chorus. It's a very attractive and sophisticated kind of anger though, not pure rage. I think my anger would be darker. Or do I have rage issues…? This is a great running track. The final track is a classy power-ballad, 'I'll Bring You Home', which closes the album with another solid performance from the band. There are lots of potential hair-flick moments with hair-metal guitar, soaring vocals and lots of charisma. They bring a fresh sound to the typically male-dominated stage. Waves of harmony are well accompanied by smoldering guitars and solid drum and bass. Kane'd do not stand in anyone's shadow.


I've listened to the album on repeat for several days now, and I think the personality of the songwriters is stamped over the 11 tracks, with some heartfelt songs, self-reflection and self empowerment. I wouldn’t describe the band as indie at all - to me indie is Oasis, The Stone Roses, and that isn't the Kane'd sound at all. To me, this album is pure melodic rock with some pop sensibilities. The album has something for avid Kane'd fans and newbies alike. This is a successful move to a slightly heavier sound and I think it will bring more critical-acclaim than previous albums. Listening to this alongside older Kane'd tracks, this new album seems so much stronger and more confident. If you like female rock singers, the likes of Pat Benatar, Anne Wilson and more recently Lzzy Hale, you need to familiarise yourself with Kane'd. If you like classic riff-filled melodic rock tracks with reliable guitar solos, give this a try. It might surprise you; it did me. I'm looking up tour dates after I've finished this article…




Track list:


Show Me Your Skeleton

I Won't Bite

Don't Turn On The Lights

I Do What I Want


Hey, Hello

Never Surrender



I'll Bring You Home


Band Members:

Steph Kane - vocals

Stacey Kane - vocals

Cheryl (Chez) Kane - vocals

Harry Scott Elliott - lead guitar

Jack Davies - bass

Josh Raw - rhythm guitar

George Elliott - drums



Web - https://www.kaned.co.uk/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pg/kanedband

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Kaned_UK

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/KanedUK

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