KILL THE IDEAL - Kill The Ideal (EP)

Samantha Lloyd


Some of the hardest things we endure through our life, especially our teenage years, can shape and mould us into better versions of ourselves; bullying being one of those things. Horrible as it is at the time, surviving bullying and other emotionally distressing situations makes you strong; teaches you life lessons; changes you and strengthens you for adult life. Yes, it leaves emotional scars but it can also help shape a future and those experiences can become an integral part of helping others. In music we find kindred spirits, the artists, and bands we listen to who have gone through the same struggles as us help us to cope with these things.


I hold the firm belief that when all else fails you can find understanding in music. Lead singer Ash Wilson from Kill The Ideal was a victim of bullying and will probably lay testament to that fact in that his experiences of bullying, the hardships he endured and encountered have enabled him to bring a load of personal and emotional life experiences to the table when it comes to writing music. The new and self titled EP from Kill The Ideal, a trio from Lincoln, has been two years in the making and consists of 6 alt-rock tracks that will make you sit up and pay attention for the full 20 minutes of this EP.


‘Kill The Ideal’ EP opens with the track ‘Dangerous!’, a strutting, hard edged track that has a sassy bounce to it. The lyrics are ferocious as Wilson asks ‘Well have you heard baby? I’m just dangerous!’ Great opening track! ‘Crazy’ is up next and it’s not as in-your-face as the previous track. It’s more subdued and the vocals are softer at first though they still maintain their potency and become more intense as the track progresses. The beat has more depth with rolling hooks and riffs from Wilson that drives the track through to its conclusion.


‘My Life’ is an emotionally charged number, the vocals more intense and urgent while the bass from Luke Farmer rumbles away. Two thirds of the way through the track everything drops off, the silence adding to the intensity of the track before Jordan Bell teases with the drums and Wilson hammers your ear drums with his vocals. ‘Spotlight’ is a calmer track. The intro is somewhat soothing before the drumbeat picks up into a mid- tempo number, slowly the track gets heavier and I really like it. It works well, the lyrics are mature and engaging, and it’s the kind of track that you would listen to when you want to chill and be thoughtful.


‘Indecisive’ is quite aggressive, both vocally and musically, and at times Wilson really shouts the lyrics which can be a little displeasing to the ears. The anger in the song is evident in both the vocal transmission and lyrical content. It’s not my favourite track on the EP but its ok. Lastly, is ‘Know Your Name’. It starts with just vocals and guitar, the bass comes in slowly then the fast paced machine gun like drums that sound like the bass line for an electronic track kick in and the whole song comes to life.


As a whole I enjoyed the EP, I firmly believe that these guys are ones to watch in the future. If you are a fan of Don Broco but with a harder edge then you’ll definitely like these guys!


Track Listing:




My Life



Know Your Name



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