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Sometimes at a festival a band strikes up and instantly grabs your attention. King Creature are one of those bands.  That’s how I came across these guys at Planet Rock’s Winters End Festival in February.  Hailing from Cornwall this four piece outfit formed in 2013. They don’t have the heaviest of sounds but still manage to punch well above their weight.


Volume One, their debut album is a sheer pleasure to listen to. It shines with a quality that many an experienced band reaches for; the production for a debut is brilliant. From the opening track Lowlife you’re on a wild ride, straight in to a monster riff that sets the tone for what’s to come. 


Power, The Pusher and Wrath, the heavier of the tracks, just assault your senses with their composition and power.


The album also contains a few mellow tracks ‘Can’t Be Saved’ and ‘Can You Forgive Me?’,  allowing you to get your breath back before the onslaught of the other tracks.


Dave Kellaway’s vocals have a haunting clarity and seem to pierce your soul. Matt K Vincent and Dave Evans dual guitar work is amazing with solo’s that erupt out of the tracks.  Jack Sutton-Bassett and Dave Kellaway’s Rhythm section power the album along like a V8, effortless in their delivery but having that ability to power up when needed.


This is a truly outstanding debut from the Cornish Rockers and it should catapult King Creature onto bigger and brighter things.


I personally can’t wait to see King Creature out on the road and play these tracks live again. With a number of shows coming up, they are booked to play Planet Rockstock’s Thursday night party for the lucky gold level ticket holders and they’re in for a great night.


Volume One is an album that everyone should experience and if this is anything to go by then roll on Volume Two.



King Creature are:

Dave Kellaway. Bass & Vocals

Matt K Vincent.  Guitar & Vocals

Dave Evans.  Guitar

Jack Sutton-Basset. Drums


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