KLOGR - Keystone

Lindsay Smith-Boam 


Klogr is an Italian-American alternative metal band with progressive metal influences.

The band are Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli, vocal and guitar, Pietro Quilichini “PQ”’, guitar and backing vocals, Maicoli Morgotti, drums and Roberto Galli, bass.   


Their new album ‘Keystone’ is due for release on the 6th October. Produced by Grammy winning David Bottrill, the album is full of promise and it does deliver on those promises.


‘Sleeping Through The Seasons’ has an interesting opening leading in to a big track full of epic riffs and a great melody.  A good start to draw you in to the album.


‘Prison Of Light’ continues in the same vein, Gabriele ‘Rusty” Rustichelli’s vocal is very tasty to say the least, a powerful mix of emotions and anger, wrapped up in a musically solid track with soaring crunching riffs and a stomping bass line. ‘Technocracy’ melodic metal with another strong message.  Darker riffs full of growls and snarls, pace changes and aggression see that this track resounds in your head long after it finishes.


‘The Echoes Of Sin’ is slower paced, laced with acoustic guitar and some crunchy riffs.   The track is almost a ballad having a clear vocal with a preacher quality, storytelling to music full of drive and passion.  ‘Pride Before The Fall’, I love the intricacy of some of the riffs in this one and again a clear melodic vocal. ‘Something’s In The Air’ is a track full of angst and delicious melody accompanied by guttural riffs, a wonderful sludgy bass from Roberto Galli stamping its mark on this one. 


‘Drag You Back’ leads you through the depths of desperation via multi layered riffs and a steady beat.  ‘Sirens’ Song’, a strange short interlude which leads into ‘Dark Tides’.  A stunning track which is the strongest track on the album for me, I love the lightness and delicacy of the initial riffs which develop along with the power in the vocal, and it builds to a crescendo of melodic metal.


‘Silent Witness’ “reclaim your life, time is running out” – the lyrics relaying the message of the music, a moody track full of attitude.  ‘Enigmatic Smile’ makes you just do that – smile.  Another dose of metallic magic. 


‘The Wall Of Illusion’ is the final track of the album which seems to bring together all the moods, styles and messages into one track, signing off with a reminder of the diversity and skill of this very good band.  A very enjoyable album.


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