KRYPTONITE - Kryptonite (Album)

Michael Bruce


So what do we have here then....something from some of Sweden’s finest....thanks to Frontiers we have something a little special here.  Jakob Samuel and Mr Del Vecchio set out to handpick some of the best that the country has to offer......and it certainly looks and sounds like it.


So let’s get down to the music because that’s what we are all waiting for........CHASING FIRE starts us off with what is a wondrous journey.....a catchy chorus just as you would expect from the stellar line up that recorded this slab of melodic rock....then right into THIS IS THE MOMENT with a Del Vecchio keyboard opener before the very well recorded guitars kick in.....throughout this song the keyboards and guitars compliment each other.....a simple but effective chorus again something that  the listener will sing along with without too much of a problem.  The solo on this one is a beauty.....some twin guitars here thanks to Michael Palace and given plenty of space to shine through.


Another couple of belters in the shape of KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE and FALLEN ANGELS...with the latter being the first song to slightly drop the pace and intensity.....both very good songs with all the catchy hooks, lush backing vocals and melody you would expect.


ACROSS THE WATER starts off with a downbeat and moody guitar lick and builds into a rather nice’ll see people with lighters out if this is included in any live shows.  LOVE CAN BE STRONGER starts with a keyboard lick that instantly reminded me of Cher before the pounding drum and bass kicked in with some atmospheric guitars.  A groove laden song with no doubt.


KNOWING BOTH OF US is the first real slow ballad on this record with a nice piano and string section under the vocals.....certainly a great power how do they get you back on the edge of your seats....well GET OUT BE GONE is an up-tempo song with a bit of an angry vibe here....some half time drumming here to then propel you into the chorus....catchy keyboard lines on this as well.


ONE SOUL is another great song....nothing outstanding but nothing bad either...just a foot tapping song you’ll like. BETTER THAN YESTERDAY is track 10 on this 11 track offering with a metronomic guitar part in the verse before it gets all heavy melodic in the chorus.....and to the closing song of this immense debut from KRYTONITE......NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER......another example of great writing and playing from this band.......catchy chorus heaven again.


If you like your music catchy then this is for you.....another fine example of what Sweden is pumping out.....great guitars, keyboards, drums and bass.......killer production and something that will be on this reviewers car playlist for a while......get the windows down and turn it up.....for me this has to be a difficult release to top....hopefully KRYPTONITE can grow on this and not be a one release band.  

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