Last Bullet - '80-69-64'

Lindsay Smith-Boam


It is not long since I heard Last Bullet’s singles and what I heard then really impressed me so for a bit of a recap:


Last Bullet are a 5 piece hard rock band hailing from Toronto , Canada and have been around for about 8 years. This hardworking band have a reputation for top notch live performances and have toured with many top bands including Scorpions, Aerosmith and Buckcherry.


So how does this their new 6 track LP measure up to the afore mentioned singles that were quite frankly f*cking awesome.?


‘Sin’, oh yes!... we have grimy, filthy guitar riffs, a lovely undercurrent of a rhythmic bass, tempo changes, melodic vocal and a shining example of a hard rock track.  Down and dirty…Hang on a minute! I have heard this before…. I remember and it still makes me feel like I need to take shower… Check out the accompanying video too HERE


‘Gimme Time’ with slower tempo, crashing drums, perfect stops, instantly ear-worming catchy lyrics, it feels on the ‘rock’ side of ‘hard rock’ but there is still that scrapping the dirt guitars riffs and smoke rich vocal.


‘Bright Lights’ shows another side with its clean and clear melody soaring in the intro before slap…that rhythm and crashing symbols bring you back from the brink hauling you back to a very good rock track. 


‘Southern Lips’ – classic guitar riff opening, big drum rhythm and a cracking lyric, a bluesy vocal and a strumming dirty baseline – This is another track I've heard before and it instantly jumped back into my brain..  Soaring riffs and a lovely bass and drum keeping the tempo and keeping it swaggering along showing attitude. 


‘Smoke and Ashes’ -strumming bass opening another classy track.  Big beats and an attitude in the lyrics and in the vocal delivery which shouts I’m here –  I know who we are, we’re a hard rock band..


 ‘Little Miss Filthy’, well if you are going to give a track a title like this I think you know what you are going to get – hard, heavy, grimy, dirty and full of everything that it promises.  A wonderfully grubby riff filled, guttural guitar laced track and a vocal to match.


Bryan Fontez (Vocals), Brenden Armstrong (lead Guitar), Michael Silva (Rhythm Guitar), Will Shannon (Bass) and Chris Galaz (Drums), have certainly delivered the goods with this latest offering.  It was nice to hear the two previously released tracks but I would like to have heard more – The other tracks are as good as these and I know they have more to offer.  Let’s be having them then…please…


A great band and I have a need to see these guys in the UK soon…


Check out an interview with frontman Bryan Fontez on Episode #23 of Down The Front Podcast,  talking all things 80-69-64



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