Last Bullet - Self Titled EP and Singles 'Southern Lips' & 'Sin'

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Last Bullet are a 5 piece hard rock band hailing from Toronto, Canada and have been around for about 8 years.  With a live performance reputation most bands would envy, this hardworking band consisting of Bryan Fontez (Vocals), Brenden Armstrong (lead Guitar), Michael Silva (Rhythm Guitar), Will Shannon (Bass) and Chris Galaz (Drums), have shared the stage with the likes of the Scorpions, Aerosmith and Buckcherry.


Their self-titled EP starts with the blisteringly hot, guitar heavy track ‘Can’t Move On’ full of equally heavy vocals. Riffs galore throughout the track – one for the air-guitarists amongst us. ‘Care Free’ is smoother, more bluesy and shows a different side to the band whereas ‘Girl’s Gone Wild’ is smoking hot hard core rock and roll, another great guitar laden track. Crashing drums and gritty vocal.


‘What is Meant to Be’ Still riff ridden, it is the stand out track for Bryan’s moody subtle yet strong vocal – multi-shades of melodic rock. I love this track – instantly added to my playlist. 


‘Rock Til We Die’ shows us what this band is about – Rock – simply a great classic rock inspired track – this is a memorable one with solid riffs and full on energy which I’m sure will be a favourite live track.


Their reputation for hard and heavy rock certainly continues with their single ‘Southern Lips’. A more mature together feel to this single with its classic guitar riff opening showing influences of AC/DC and Metallica, followed by gravelly but bluesy vocals and a thudding dirty baseline ensure you want to listen.  More intertwined riffs and that chorus winding its way into your head – you can’t help singing along by the end of the track.


Their single Sin opens with crashing drums before the gritty guitars and filthy bass kick in.  This tune feels down and dirty from the word go with, scorching hot riffs, seem-less hooks and another great chorus.  An anthemic track with a cracking varied melodic vocal which shows that Bryan has great range and driving the melody across the track.  It leaves you wanting more and also needing a shower….  I want to see and hear this track live… 


Why this band have not had more success to date is a mystery ….


Check back soon, more Last Bullet reviews on the way! (We love them so much we are going through the lot)


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