LEONTAS - Now / Stand Out (Singles)

LEONTAS are a blues rock inspired duo consisting of singer and guitarist Alex Munteanu and drummer Scott Collier. Formed in London in 2015 after meeting at an audition for a separate band in Camden, and getting a reputation as an awesome live band whilst gathering a growing following, should see the guys hitting the airwaves massively in the very near future.


Their sound is pretty unique, Alex uses a three-amp combination of one bass amp and two guitar stacks together with multiple effects, to give a depth to their music which certainly bulks out the duo’s sound. Scott clearly has grunge and punk influences in his drumming style but the groove he has also shines through. 


Their single Now/Stand Out was released on the 5th December 2017


‘Now’; the heavy riffs signal the sign of what’s to come, grooves with grime thrown in in equal measures. Big buzzy noisy guitars, big noisy groovy drumming and tight pauses. The vocal is raw and hard but has a delicious lilt and an angst, which comes through the lyric. A funk to the melody but that wonderful buzzy guitar adds so much to the track. A drum and acapella chorus changes the tempo and layers of vocals fall back in behind the drumming. A good catchy tune!


‘Stand Out’ carries on in a similar vein with more rampant riffage, tempo changes, a catchy hook, a melodic vocal delivery and a chorus full of harmonies which will enter your brain and keep going, “Just step out of the crowd and be proud of who you are” sings Alex.


Well guys, you do stand out, be very proud!


An exciting, different sounding duo. I can’t wait to hear what’s next!!


Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/leontasofficial/about/

Or SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/leontas-565594766

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