LETZTE INSTANZ - Morgenland (Album)



Letzte Instanz may just be one of Germany’s best kept secrets. Unlike other bands hailing from the same region, Letzte Instanz don’t use the same brute force and pummelling drum sound to get their point across. Instead in ‘Morgenland’ Letzte Instanz actively chose to give the listener ‘food for thought’ – all neatly packaged within the alternative genre featuring Holly Loose on Vocals, Bernie Geef on Guitar, M. Stolz on Violin, Benni Cellini on Cello, Michael Ende on Bass and Andy Horst on Drums.


Whether you’d describe this as rock in general, goth or alt music – I’m not sure. Dare I say even Prog at points? Nevertheless, I digress. One thing has to be said, Letzte Instanz most definitely have mastered a unique combinational sound, which is notable throughout the album. A euro-friendly offering which brakes down the language barriers.


Intriguing and utterly entertaining, this album has it all. No, really. At times it’s dark and has a 69 Eyes feel to it (see Disco D’amour) and at times it encompasses that AOR 360 degree camera pan-shot feel (see Wellenreiter) – it really is impossible to pigeon hole this band to one style. One standout track, which listeners might be quick to make the Rammstein reference on is Mein Land. No- it’s nothing to do with their German brethren and has an altogether more light and bouncy feel to it. This is completely contrasted by the Prog dream-like intro of Gluecksritter. See – impossible to pigeonhole. Like a German Smorgasbord, Letzte Instanz keep offering us little tasters and earworms into different realms and genres throughout.


It’s also worth noting the use of stringed instruments in ‘Morgenland’– with the band featuring both a violinist and cellist. This, at points, helps lend itself to a folklore type feel giving the album a slightly more mystical and medieval metal vibe at points. In ‘Morgenland’, you can hear these instruments featured heavily throughout at the front of the mix, which marks a change for Letzte Instanz as previously they’ve dialled this part of themselves back. In addition to this, the strings (at times) can give ‘Morgenland’ a really light pop feel at points, similar to some Scandinavian offerings we’ve seen of late. It’s a well-produced album from top to tail and all the way through the middle too. The vocals are clean and clear throughout, with each track different from the last. It certainly has plenty of depth, multiple changes and catchy choruses throughout, all of which get your feet tapping and your head banging.


This album, ‘Morgenland’ is a real treat, particularly for you more obscure metal and rock fans out there! Or, you know, if you’re open and want to give something new a try… We promise that you’ll be able to get a feel of this album without having to understand Deutsch as the musicianship speaks for itself and transcends that of language, telling you all you need to know.  Pick it up and give it a listen, you just might be surprised!


Morgenland is out on 16.02.18


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