LIGHTSCAPE - 'Live In Fear' (Single)

Lindsay Smith-Boam


The Norwich based quintet Lightscape, Will Overton – Vocals, Sam Nichol – Guitar, Ben Ashcroft – Guitar, Christy Bullen – Bass and James Nichol – Drums say of their new single, “’Live in Fear’ was written in light of the Paris terror attacks and has coincidentally become very poignant once again at the time of this release, due to recent events. 


The premise of the song is to send the message that the only way to cope in the volatile situation we seem to be finding ourselves in, is to spread unity and togetherness”.


So I had the story, now to the track. 


Well it had me in the first 8 bars!  This is an awesome follow up to their previous track “Running”. 


I am a self confessed AOR junkie and this track has the boxes all ticked.   Melodic groovy bass, pounding rhythm from the drumming, riffs by the truckload, pace changes, key changes, catchy hooks, a wonderful strong voice and an epic chorus… Melodic pop/rock on a huge scale.


Everything falls into place and makes the track both enjoyable and memorable. 


What is there left to say?  This is a sure-fire winner in the airplay stakes! Well done guys ….


Catch Lightscape live on 2nd September at Epic Studio, Norwich

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