LOST GRAVITY - How To Make A Giant (Album)



LOST GRAVITY are a London-based hard rock band, formed in 2007 by Brazilian guitarist/vocalist Breno Val, and have just released their second full-length album, 'How To Make A Giant'. Val is the only remaining original member and continues to be the creative force, joined by drummer Giuliano Kolling who joined the band in 2012. Their influences include AC/DC and Metallica, and they describe their sound as riff-heavy. They've just completed the European leg of their 'Making a Giant' tour and performed at April's Big Red Rising in Holloway.


'Under The Sun' has a gritty, impassioned vocal, a relentless beat, and Kolling hammers the shit out of his kit on drums. This is a "grower", becoming better with each listen, reminiscent of some of the greats but with a fresh vibe. 'Shine' has a hard and heavy instrumental which is made for hot and sweaty rock clubs; hook-laden and great attitude - "you know I'm better than you". The riffs hit you between the eyes, in the eyes, above the eyes, in fact all over your face, and there is a strong guitar solo. This is the track of the album for me.


'Through Your Eyes' has a mouth-watering bass and deep, grumbling guitars, as it ascends its way to become a great track. Val's mournful vocals sound great against an Eastern vibe which gives the track a spiritual, almost psychedelic feel. 'The Last Satellite' is slower in tempo yet more intense, an evocative, emotional ballad and a real earworm; "Why are you so foresaken?..." is etched into my ear drums. The instrumental in this track is imaginative, giving light and shade to the song, and all in all it's catchy as! Another track to watch out for!


'The Old And New Life' has vitality and attitude with heavy riffs and a huge guitar solo. Sexy as hell. This album doesn’t back down for a second. 'No Way Out' has a moody instrumental, more fierce vocals and yet more lush bass. This is another grower with yet another great guitar solo. 'Free Spirit' is an instrumental, as in has no words. But you don’t realise this until after it's finished, it's somehow enough without words and they would be superfluous, they aren't necessary. The song is atmospheric with a bangin drum beat and another spiritual-sounding thread weaved through.


The album closes with the 8 minute 'Broken Bones', a more progressive track and the heaviest sound on the album, with plenty of riffs and some soaring guitar solos - this guy can play those strings.  Halfway through, the song changes pace slightly and the vocal becomes a little more melodic sounding, less savage, as though we're on a journey. Throughout the song, which seems to pass in an instant rather than linger for 8 long minutes, the drums hold it all together beautifully.


This is a solid album with plenty to keep your interest and keep you coming back. There is some impressive guitar work throughout, Val's vocals are consistently engaging and each track holds its own. I've listened far more times than I needed to in order to write this review so I guess I like it then… It's an energetic, genuine rock n roll and grunge-influenced belter.



Under The Sun


Through Your Eyes

The Last Satellite

The Old And New Life

No Way Out

Free Spirit

Broken Bones


Band Members

Breno Val - guitar/vocals 

Giuliano Kolling - drums, backing vocals






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