LUKE APPLETON || How Does It Feel To Be Alive? (EP)



Luke Appleton may be young but he has some CV behind him. After touring since his teens with his brother Chris in Fury UK, to landing an international gig as the bass player for Iced Earth he seems to be achieving everything he sets out to do and this EP is no exception.


Known also as the guitarist in Absolva, I have had the pleasure to witness Luke in many different guises. He is just a consummate professional in whichever role he is undertaking.


I was first taken in by his acoustic material live. I had seen him play with Wizz Wizzard, and he surprised me with how brilliant his vocals were. Having only seen him previously take backing vocal duties in Absolva it was refreshing to hear and I am very glad he did a record showcasing his vocal abilities.


We open the EP with the title track name sake. He seems to have some things he wishes to address. A questioning of where he is as a musician, a dedication to music and his worries of that also. His voice is commanding and powerful on the opening track.


‘The Fear is a Lie’, is a huge song. The delicate harmonies within the verses that build in crescendo to a satisfying chorus are wonderfully executed. Expertly crafted guitar lines between the chorus and verse are something I come to expect from his sound. His voice is hugely melodic and it is such a great sing along song.


‘The Three Eyed Crow’. Lyrically. I don't know... metaphor? I have no context so I cannot comment but melodically speaking another epic. The beauty of a good acoustic song is when you can hear it as a huge production even with just a voice and a guitar.


The EP's highlight for me is the final track 'The Sound of Liberty'. Rhythmically the most intricate. Which is something I expect from an international touring bass player. The pre chorus key change is absolute bliss. Songwriting master class here. Another huge chorus yet again and I am slightly disheartened this is the last song. I would have loved to hear a full length album.


This is something I know Luke Appleton has been burning to do for a good few years and it's everything I hoped it would be. My only gripe is that the vocals are slightly over produced, it is not necessary with such a naturally gifted singer as Luke. I'd love to hear his voice come through a little more.


A fantastic release, if this is a sign of things to come, I like it. I would love to hear a solo Luke Appleton album with a full band. I think it would be masterful.


As always buy the record!


Track List:

How Does it Feel to be Alive?

The Fear is a Lie

The Three Eyed Crow

The Sound of Liberty


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