MEAN STREAK - Blind Faith

Michael Bruce


Mean Streak.....sounds a bit 80’s.....most certainly is!  From the outset of the first guitar riffs you are transported back to about 1988 and the era of some of the best rock songs to be written. 


Its Helloween mixed with MARS : Project Driver, Accept....I could go on but who doesn’t have a touch of other bands in their that’s a few heavyweights to start with.  I can’t help comparing the vocals of Andy LaGuerin to Rob Rock from the MARS release. 


The opening track Blood Red Sky certainly gets your ears pricked up and primed for the next 11 songs.  It’s straight ahead and no frills hard rock...more often heard from Germany rather than Sweden....track 2 Animal In Me has another kick into action with a small Iron Maiden influence in the opening guitar melody and guitar solo.....a nice nod ! So where do we go from that start....right into a rhythmic belter Retaliation Call........some great bass and drum playing from Peter Andersson and Jonas Kallsback here.  It’s about this time on a CD that you expect a nice melodic rest....sorry the guys kick into Settle The Score....not as strong as the opening salvo but it still holds your interest before you are hit with what is the best song on the album for me Tear Down The Walls........maybe a little clichéd with the lyrics but it’s one you want to blast out in the car with the windows down whilst screaming the catchy chorus.  This track has been out since May 2017 and I liked it then...still do.  The solo starts off nice and melodic building up to the everlasting last note.....hats off to Thomas “PLEC” Johansson for a classic hard rock tone on this. 


You think you are getting a rest for Fire At Will with the easy intro and could quite easily fall into a moody ballad......hold’s a sonic attack you would expect from someone like Accept.....double bass drums are a plenty here.....we are getting to the end of this release and are hit with a catchy 80’s tune more alike to an American band like XYZ or Firehouse.....Caught In The Crossfire...its catchy with all the right bits in the right places.....must be my other standout track from this release.  Some nice arrangements on this track with a blistering solo again.  The only thing missing from this release is a nice catchy slow tempo song....dare I say it a power ballad. 


To summarise this release from Mean Streak....Blind Faith isn’t trying to give you something revolutionary or ground’s good old classic heavy metal and its played well, mixed well and something the guys in the band will be proud of.  I suggest you give them a listen !



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