MICHAEL SCHENKER - A Decade of the Mad Axeman (Album)



German guitar hero, Michael Schenker has without doubt had a pretty phenomenal career to date. He started playing guitar at the age of 11 and has a career stretching back as far as the early 1970s with Scorpions, UFO, MSG, and more recently Temple of Rock and Michael Schenker Fest, the mad axeman is the epitome of a riff master.

Well documented problems with drink and other substances may have made headline news within the industry over the years, but there is one thing that has always stolen the headlines back and that is the exceptional guitar skills and creative talents of Mr Michael Schenker.


One of the most critically acclaimed periods of Michael’s career is deemed to be from 2007 to 2016, songs full of unmistakable riffs, catchy hooks and full on melodies, many of which have now been recognised on this, a two CD album release. CD one contains studio tracks and the second CD, tracks recorded live.


Reading like a who’s who of the rock world, contributors include Gary Barden, Robin McAuley, Don Airey, Francis Buchholz, Wayne Findlay, Chris Glen, Steve Mann, Ted McKenna, Neil Murray, Simon Phillips, Herman Rarebell, Elliott 'Dean' Rubinson, Chris Slade, Brian Tichy, Michael Voss, Pete Way and Doogie White. The fact that so many awesomely talented people have worked with Michael shows the respect they have for him. Also featuring as Special Guests on the album are Michael Amott, Graham Bonnet,  Rudolf Schenker, Jeff Scott Soto and Leslie West.


Opening with the melodic tones of Gary Barden on ‘I Want You’ and riffing his way through so many classic tracks including ‘Night To Remember’, ‘Miss Claustrophobia’, ‘Black Moon Rising’, ‘Rock City’ and ‘Bulletproof’ you get an enjoyable mix of voices and performers.


CD 2 is full of life and energy. Close your eyes, turn it up very loud and you could be in the crowd at one of the shows when the tracks were recorded. Air guitar along to iconic songs including ‘Welcome High’ ‘Rock you Like A Hurricane’, ‘Attack Of The Mad Axeman’, ‘Rock Bottom’, ‘Desert Song’ and finishing with ‘Doctor Doctor. The magic of the live performances really reminds you how fine the songs are.


A great album for existing fans and for those just digging into Michael’s career.


Track listings:
01. I Want You [2007]
02. Night To Remember [2007]
03. Cross Of Crosses [2007]
04. Ride On My Way [2007]
05. Miss Claustrophobia [2011]
06. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead [2011]
07. Storming In [2011]
08. How Long (3 Generations Guitar Battle Version) [2011]
09. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely [2013]
10. To Live For The King [2013]
11. Land Of Thunder [2013]
12. Black Moon Rising [2013]
13. Live And Let Live [2014]
14. Rock City [2014]
15. Saviour Machine [2014]
16. Bulletproof [2014]
01. Welcome Howl [Tokyo 2010]
02. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie [Tokyo 2010]
03. Rock My Nights Away [Tokyo 2010]
04. Attack Of The Mad Axeman [Tokyo 2010]
05. Rock You Like A Hurricane [High Voltage Festival 2011]
06. Hanging On [High Voltage Festival 2011]
07. Doctor Doctor [High Voltage Festival 2011]
08. Armed And Ready [Tilburg 2012]
09. Rock Bottom [Tilburg 2012]
10. Horizons [Madrid 2015]
11. Lights Out [Madrid 2015]
12. Vigilante Man [Madrid 2015]
13. Desert Song [Tokyo 2016]
14. Love Is Not A Game [Tokyo 2016]
15. Doctor Doctor [Tokyo 2016]


For more information, check out the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelSchenkerRocks/

Website: http://www.michaelschenkerhimself.com/

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