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With a musical career spanning some 40+ years, Michael Schenker once again delivers an album which is a delight to listen to.


In 2016, Schenker put together MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST, a tour featuring former MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP vocalists Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet, plus Robin McAuley of the McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP. Instrumental back-up was provided by former M.S.G. bass player Chris Glen and drummer Ted McKenna, plus guitarist/keyboard player Steve Mann, also of the McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP. These shows were so rapturously received by audiences across Japan and Europe that it seemed only logical for the protagonists to make new music together. The decision to bring in Doogie White, singer of Schenker’s TEMPLE OF ROCK, adds even more substance to Michael’s assembly.


Resurrection is a fine album of 12 new tracks - each one a welcome assault on the senses which will have you playing this album again and again.


Beginning with ‘Heart and Soul’ I am instantly reminded of why Michael Schenker has had such a successful career. It has the typical fast beat of the double kick drum, catchy lyrics and a complex guitar solo that is so familiar and evidences his extensive talent.


‘Warrior’, the second track, is in complete contrast with its slow and melodic vocals before the thunderous bassline kicks in. This is the first of two tracks that showcases the talents of 4 vocalists. An absolutely brilliant track with many layers of music that builds to a crescendo of riveting riffs. This is the first single, and has an official video which can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2VtSdZHKbE


A classic organ intro for ‘Take me to the Church’ is a perfect start. Doogie White on vocals brings in the ‘Temple of Rock’ style of catchy lyrics and rhythmic basslines which holds the track together, allowing the talents of Schenker, and Steve Mann on Keys to shine through.


Graham Bonnet features on several tracks, but the two tracks where he is the only vocalist are  - ‘Night Moods’ and ‘Everest’. The former is a guitar led commercially appropriate track which is slower in pace and the latter, also a fine track, is slightly slower in pace with a superb guitar melody flowing throughout the track.


‘The Girl with the Stars in Her Eyes’ sees the return of the fast heavy sound and distinctive vocals of DW.


The second half of the album kicks off with a foot-tappingly addictive track ‘Messin’ Around’. Once again, the thunderous drumming holds the track together without taking anything away from the well rounded vocals of Gary Barden who takes the lead on this fine, upbeat track. Air drummers will love this one!


‘Time Knows When it’s Time’ sees the band return to the fast, heavy guitar led trademark music of Schenker, with its catchy lyrics and choral vocals which contrasts and supports the guitar work that showcases Schenker’s guitar skills, and demonstrates why he is one of the finest guitarists in the business.


The album moves into ‘Anchors Away’ with its orchestral undertones reminiscent of the soundtrack to a series of pirate movies. The intro leads into rhythmic guitar and drums and with Doogie White on vocals, it is similar to other tracks on the album in construction and sound.


Whilst the whole album showcases the extensive and varied talents of all its contributors, ‘Salvation’,  an instrumental, is a perfect 3 minutes or so of guitar dominance. The drumming is a constant, unchanging support for the challenging and complex shredding which fills your ears.


The penultimate track, - ‘Livin’ a Life Worth Livin’- brings Gary garden back for his second track as ‘featured vocalist’. With anthemic structure, staccato drumming building to yet another soaring guitar solo, it is the eleventh of 12 masterful tracks. The final track ‘The Last Supper’ brings 4 vocalists again into one track that features some of the best guitar work I have heard in a long time and a dramatic yet melodic grande finale to a fine album of classic rock music.


Throughout the album, there is a depth to the music which supports the vocal range. The production on the album is immense, with each element having space to breathe. The music compliments the vocals and lyrics. Each of the featured vocalists styles are able to shine through, as they deliver flawlessly. This album is beautifully crafted and put together.


Resurrection Track Listing:

Heart and Should (feat. Robin McAuley & Kirk Hammett)

Warrior (feat. Gary Bardon, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley & Doogie White)

Take Me to the Church (feat. Doogie White)

Night Moods (feat. Graham Bonnet)

The Girl With the Stars in Her Eyes (feat. Doogie White

Everest (feat. Graham Bonnet)

Messin’ Around (feat. Gary Barden)

Time Knows When It’s Time (feat. Robin McAuley)

Anchors Away (feat. Doogie White)

10 Salvation

Livin’ a Life Worth Livin’ (feat. Gary Barden)

Last Supper (feat. Gary Bardon, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley & Doogie White)


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