Moscow - Queen Of Sin EP

Lindsay Smith-Boam


You have heard the term, ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and ‘the cover’ in this case is Moscow.  A stunning beauty with a film star face.  I was thinking manufactured, cherry sweet vocal and pretty melodies…when what we have here is actually a bucket full of hard rock talent with a dash of death metal.


Moscow is Russian, well travelled and well influenced musically.  Only in her early 20’s, there is something quite grown up about the writing and vocal performance on this EP.


I listened to the EP three times before beginning to commit anything to paper – well a word doc to be precise.  I can’t think of another female voice that fascinated me so much.  There are quite a few ladies of rock and metal out there but there is a something so different about Moscow that had me enthralled.


‘Queen of Sin’ is a surprising mix of melodic rock vocal with the guttural growls of grunge / thrash metal.  Lyrics which tell of the eternal battle of good and bad, fate and soul selling.  The clean melodic voice battling with the demonic sin. Fast paced with a lovely bold baseline rhythm.  


‘Nowhere to Hide’ has a hard and heavy intro developing further into a galloping pace – kicking your ass with great lyrics, melodic vocal and enough riffs to keep everyone happy.  Toe tapping, head nodding in abundance.  The energy is simply bounding out – ‘Am I insane’ asks the lyric – insanely good is the answer.


‘Black Widow’ an intricate track – so many styles with a rumbling bass and drums underpinning the track below a pop/rock melodic vocal.  This track goes in so many directions before running back to its safer metal roots.  Clever – very clever…


‘Watch me Burn’ – piano intro and a sweet, melodic vocal lilting and sweeping over orchestral murmurings before breaking into a symphony of styles, rock, metal, throw in some death –  A slower tempo and a stunning tune. 


‘Heartbeat’ is back to the metal growling death vocal interspersed with serious melody.  Fast moving from guttural low grimy thumping rhythm that hooks you in.  Soaring riffs enhance the track leading it up before diving back to toe tapping pulsing beats.


Have a listen - every track on this, her debut EP, is well written, well performed and a bit different. There is that traditional defining baseline and consistent hard hitting drums, well-constructed riffs, great engineering, some slight over producing on a couple of the tracks but the thing that stands out clearly is the range and changing styles of the voice.  I think we will be hearing more of Moscow in the future.


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