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Hard rock quartet Mother Misery from Enköping, Sweden, released their third album, ‘Megalodon’ on Transubstans Records in January 2018. The band formed in 2004 and have been honing their craft throughout the intervening years by touring all over Europe, sharing the stage with the likes of Queensryche, Anthrax, Sepultura, Therapy? and The Quireboys.


‘Megalodon’ starts with ‘The Challenger’, which begins with some lovely tuneful acoustic guitar work, which kind of leads me into a false sense of security…is this going to be a ballad? Almost as soon as the thought enters my head, an insanely catchy riff quickly allays it. Joined by the pounding drums of Jimmy Lindbergh and bass of Stiff Hell, this is an infectious beat that has me tapping my toes even before John Hermansen’s vocals arrive on the scene. With a great hook and catchy chorus, ‘The Challenger’ gets stuck in my head after the first listen and refuses to budge. The only thing I’m not keen on, and this is just personal preference, is that the song fades out. I think it could’ve had an epic finish instead.


Next up is single ‘Ashes of Your Crown’ which takes no prisoners from the start. The thwacking drums of Lindbergh and fuzzy bass of Hell, combined with delicious riffs from Hermansen and Thomas Piehl work so well together on this track. The catchy chorus, great bridge with vocal distortion and great use of lyrics blend to make a fantastic rock track.


Onto title track ‘Megalodon’ which is about a “prehistoric beast in a modern sea”. This track and ‘Stained’ give vocalist Hermansen chance to show a bit more of his range. Both tracks have great energy and a powerful beat. Next up is ‘Eyes of the Innocent’ which starts with Hermansen’s vocals, before the instruments join in. This track really stood out the first time I listened to the album. The twin guitars of Hermansen and Piehl are fantastic, on top of the pounding rhythm section it’s outstanding!


‘Into These Lies’ starts with a thumping drumming that you cannot help but nod your head to. The track has quite an angry feel to it, with the initial vocals almost being spat out, not like the rest of the album thus far. The twin guitar work on this track is fantastic too. In contrast, ‘100 Eyes’ begins with quite a soft vocal which portrays being scared of everyone looking. Then the thundering rhythm section joins in, and the twin guitars weave in and out. There are lots of instrumental breaks in this song, which I personally love, as you get a real chance to hear all the musicianship. Keyboards are added too which adds another dimension. The tempo on the track changes throughout, with verses building to a crescendos, then dropping away to diminuendos, it’s really dramatic.


‘Stonecold Killer’ starts with a killer, crunchy riff and has some spoken words about the use of guns. Both this track and ‘Down in the Dirt’ are full of the pounding beaty drums, fuzzy basslines, twin guitar licks and powerful vocals that I’ve began to expect from Mother Misery.


Last track ‘If You Fall’ is a slower song that starts with some acoustic guitar, moving into quite haunting vocals. Although it seems like quite a simple song, the latter part of the track features some use of distorted vocals which give it some depth.


This album from the Swedish rockers is full of tunes that get into your head and  swirl round and round. Of the ten tracks here, there aren’t really any that I would call ‘filler’ as I think they all have merit. This is an album that I certainly think is worth a listen, and if Mother Misery venture over to these shores I reckon they’ll be worth checking out live.


Mother Misery are:

John Hermansen - Vocals, Guitar

Stiff Hell - Bass

Thomas Piehl - Guitar

Jimmy Lindbergh - Drums


‘Megalodon’ track listing:

The Challenger

Ashes of Your Crown



Eyes of the Innocent

Into these Lies

100 Eyes

Stonecold Killer

Down in the Dirt

 If You Fall


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