Mother's Cake - No Rhyme No Reason

Naomi Jeremiah 


No Rhyme No Reason is the third studio album from Austrian rock trio Mother's Cake. Forming in 2008, Yves Krismer (Vocals/Guitar), Benedikt Trenkwalder (Bass) and Jan Haussels (Drums) released two previous studio albums: 'Creation's Finest' in 2012 and 'Love The Filth' in 2015, as well as a live album entitled Off 'The Beaten Track'.


They have toured extensively as a headline act across Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and have supported the likes of AC/DC, Iggy Pop, Deftones, Wolfmother and Anathema further afield.


The title track is the first to kick off this new album. No Rhyme No Reason starts with rhythmic drumming, before psychedelics blend, sounding akin to notes from a choir. A loud burst of synth signals the start of the vocals. Yves has a powerful, sultry tone, which to my ears sounds like a fusion of indie, blues and punk mixed with the sexual allure of a Burlesque Cabaret artist. The backing vocals chant 'No Rhyme No Reason' making this a catchy track.


'H8' has a fantastic opening beat and rhythm. Guitars creating an underlying dirty sound. Elements of psychedelic and progressive fuse with rock, creating a track with real impact. 'H8' has long sections with "space" sounding music, making me feel as though I am being taken on a journey. Having never heard Mother's Cake prior to this review, I am really beginning to love the sound that this band have going on. There is an air of dramatics surrounding their music and you can't help but "feel".


'Black Roses' starts off with slower drumming and a bluesy tone, and once the vocals kick in, it's quite epic, and makes me think, in parts, that it wouldn't sound out of place as a James Bond theme. This song has a gothic sound and yet Mother's Cake have carefully put this into a blending pot with indie, rock and prog, to ensure that they can't be pigeon holed easily.


'Now Or Never' has some subtle 70s guitar strumming  going on in the background in parts, overlaid with supersonic sounds mashed together with indie vibes. 'Big Girls' has a heavy prog sound and despite awakening your senses, is easy listening. Overall it has a different vibe to the other tracks so far, and yet you're still being taken on a sonic excursion.


'The Sun' sees the return of the blues rock vibe, which at points is powerful and frantic creating a compelling sound palette with Jane's Addiction influences. This track has a raw and pure energy, and due to the extensive number of elements, it retains your interest throughout.


Starting with a lone guitar, before joined by the vocals, 'Streetja Man' feels very stripped back in comparison to the previous album tracks. Lengthier psychedelics course through this track, and if I had to criticise, it would be that these parts could be tightened up. Yet somehow you feel that every section of a Mother's Cake song is vital to the overall presentation. 70s guitar sounds and sonic whines wrap up this track.


'The Killer' drags you straight back to the indie rock vibes of a modern era. With vocals that pack a punch, especially during the chorus, this is a powerful song and hard hitting track, that demands to be sang along with.


'Enemy' has a calmer, chilled out vibe, which again keeps things interesting on an album that demands to be heard through every note. Blues guitar with 70s elements lead you into a relaxed state, until the striking vocals stir you once more.


'Hide & Seek' is the penultimate track and bursts straight into psychedelics, with deep sultry vocals to accompany, which build unhurriedly and lead you into the final song of the album.


'Isolation' utilises distortion effects on the guitars and the vocals, which is interesting over what is quite a chilled paced song. Vocals are powerful throughout even during the quieter moments. Progressive influences during the song feature strongly, and the song seems to finish abruptly after a building of the elements. This most certainly leaves you wanting more.


Mother's Cake are a band that need to be listened to. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album, and am now going to back track and check out their first two releases. They bring a rawness and an energy to their music which is bound to grip you, if not with one track then certainly another.


'No Rhyme No Reason' is released on 27th January. I urge you to take a listen.


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