MOUTH IN THE SOUTH - Aftershock (EP)

Regular listeners to the Down The Front Podcast may recall Mouth In The South’s frontman Piers Gebbia’s voice being dubbed as “power pipes” and within moments of spinning this, their second EP, you can see why. There hasn’t been such crotch-tightening, eye-watering, dog-baiting high notes hit with this sort of vigour since The Darkness burst on to the scene 15 years ago.


It is Mouth In The South’s main weapon, but not their only one as the muscular opening riff of ‘Live to Rock’ will testify. Their sound is big and bold and unashamedly old school. Hints of AC/DC poke through the Halford-esque histrionics and wailing solos which give the band a more menacing undercurrent than other bands of their ilk, and while the music is played dead straight you suspect there is a glint in each band members eye and a smile on their lips as they so gloriously romp through their homage to metal’s heyday.


While Gebbia’s vocals are undeniably impressive it is often when they are reigned in that the songs truly shine. ‘No Shame’ and ‘Waterfalls’ may not be as immediately attention grabbing as other tracks on the album but on repeated listens they are the tracks that stand up best. The power pipes used more sparingly to serve up some raw and dirty rock n roll played the way it should be.


Sometimes it’s a little too raw, unfortunately, the mix is a little muddy when they would benefit from a crisper sound and the rhythm section gets a little drowned out at times.


However what shines through is the sheer unfettered joy in the music and you can bet your bottom dollar that these guys are a riot live. The band don’t aspire to get you thinking but by god, they’ll get you moving if it’s the last thing they do.


It isn’t perfect but if you like your rock old school and oversized you’ll find a lot to love on Aftershock, just don’t blame me if you strain your vocal chords trying to sing along...


Live To Rock
No Shame


Line Up:
Piers Gebbia – Vocals and Guitar
Ashli Thorne – Guitar
Chris ‘Chidi’ Slater – Bass
Brian Heron – Drums

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