MSRY ‘Safety First’ (EP)


“BLEUGH!” – How else are you gonna kick start your second EP?!


Speaking of kick’s, that’s generally how this EP feels - a series of kicks to the face delivered by chugging riffs and punishing drum beats that are so tightly knit together you’ll do well to stay on your feet, despite the fact that you’ll probably lose a few teeth...The combination of speed and grooves throughout opening track ‘S.I.C.K’ are so well put together you wonder how this is a self-released second EP from a band, especially given the fact that there don’t even have a bassist. You can hear the vocalist coughing in the background during the intro riff which is also a great touch, it really brings home the fact that this a DIY EP despite the fact it could easily hold its own among the records their more seasoned peers are releasing. It reminds of the debut Frank Carter and the Rattlesnake release where they decided not to edit out Frank’s screams and coughs in the background in a bid to deliberately create a less polished and more real sound to the record.


Having only formed a year or so earlier in Oxford, it is incredible how they’ve managed to put together such a tight set of songs and really find their own sound in such a short period of time. Playing their own brand of ‘misery infused hardcore’ they stick to their guns throughout the EP and it pays off massively. ‘Broken Teeth’ delivers more punishment brilliantly fusing speed, half time and breakdowns together to keep you on your toes and, in my case driving, the pedal firmly on the metal. ‘Freedom’ features an excellent sample of Theresa May addressing her systematic destruction of the country in which she sounds more like a robot hell bent on destruction than a modern-day politician. This is all topped off nicely with a ‘no-one stands still’ breakdown heavy enough to get even your Grandad flailing around like a mad-man!


The titular track ‘Safety First’ keeps the aggression levels up as one of the fastest tracks on the EP with a groove-heavy outro riff for good measure. The aptly named ‘Trump Card’ brings the EP to a close with a direct, unapologetic attack on the current American President and contains samples of his attempts to unceremoniously spread hate and fear-mongering among the American people.


Overall, Safety First is a short and sweet, in your face collection of top-drawer melodic hardcore tracks which are a massive statement of intent from the trio that they’ve arrived and they want a piece of whatever action is going on in the heavy music scene right now. Both the song writing and performance on this EP are unrecognisable as being from a band only put together a year ago. These tracks are also all reminiscent of some of the metalcore bands who rose to prominence a decade or so ago and it’s great to see that they are influencing the new wave of hardcore and metal bands. It reinforces the fact that the heavy music genres are constantly evolving and changing and show absolutely no signs of going stale any time soon!

Track listing:


Broken Teeth


Safety First

Trump Card


MSRY are:

Kial Churcher - Vocals
Keir French - Drums
Charlie Bishop - Guitar


You can find them at:

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