MULTISTOREY LOVER -  ‘Jelly For Breakfast’ (EP)


Multistorey Lover not only carry one of the most original band names on our radar at the moment, they also have the chops when it comes to playing. Formed in 2016, the Perth outfit play a bluesy rock n roll that is wonderfully gutsy and draws influences from such greats as Hayseed Dixie, DIEMONDS and Thirteen Stars - a truly eclectic blend of bands.


Those influences make for a variety of styles in the band’s material but not at the cost of consistency. The band itself is fronted by the amiable Kris Dye (vocals & harmonica) with James "Jim Jam" Donaldson (drums), Andy McDonald (guitar) and Owen Toole (bass) laying down the grooves for his lyrical delivery.


The band had previously released a demo (link below) and have since been building their repertoire onstage across local gigs in Scotland. The release of their debut EP ‘Jelly For Breakfast’ is a watershed for the band and its release will be a critical point in the adventure ahead. But what is the EP like? Let’s have a listen.


‘Miss Voodoo’ is a slow start, soulful sleazy track with a shuffling drum track that paints a picture of the deep south before a ballsy lift in tempo sees the song pick up the attitude. Dye’s harmonica work weaves through McDonald’s solo work and the outcome is a track that begs for a beer to be opened. Not half bad.


‘Deadman Blues’ picks up where the opening track ended and again features tempo changes that have Donaldson and Toole delivering intricate rhythm parts. The lyrics never get complicated in this one - indeed they don’t stray much from the name of the song after the opening verses but this makes for an honest piece with a catchy chorus.


‘Funky Tree’ is an upbeat track with choppy guitar and a staccato delivery that Dye glues together with his vocals which flip from growled lines to his higher register. The song opts for a straight forward approach and doesn’t feature the pace changes of the first two tracks but it does retain their quality.


Final track ‘Electric Love’ is a grittier blues number with pinched guitar riffs that repeat through the song with loose yet technical drumming throughout. The band have looked for a chilling feel on this one and the addition of Police sirens add the inner city feel. The song opens up towards the end and is a piece that will translate well to the live environment.


This is a solid release with definite atmosphere and feel weaved through every track to the point you’ll feel slightly grubby after listening! The band have taken the rock blues approach and given it a bit of dirt and grimace and it’s all the better for it. Importantly, this four piece are an equally solid live outfit and with a boozy crowd and grimy venue - this material will always be a winner on stage.


Go check them out here to get a hold of the EP -


Track List -

Miss Voodoo

Deadman Blues

Funky Tree

Electric Love

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