NAKED SIX - Broken Fairytale / Can't Trust The News (Singles)



This unsigned band, who came together in 2015, have been described as one of the most exciting rock bands to come out of Yorkshire this decade. Naked Six, who are Seb Byford and Tom Witts, met at school and when they got the chance to form a band, grabbed it. Since they got together they've played shows up and down to the country to good reviews, and describe themselves as alternative rock/grunge/schizoid blues.


 ‘Broken Fairytale’, their second single release, begins with a nice classy piano intro; lovely, gentle, but with that slight edge that you just know it's going to be a rock song rather than a pop ballad. A good drum beat joins at 0:15 followed almost immediately by a staunch guitar. The vocals are haunting, and together with the music create an almost spiritual feel, which seems to be influenced in part by early Bowie. The song builds to a crescendo then slows again, but now with a more impassioned vocal, as Byford sings tunefully about boys not being expected to cry, (well done lads, the ladies love a man who isn't afraid to cry). The track builds again and launches into a strong guitar which looks like it might become a solo, but disappointingly doesn't - this would have made all the difference for me. The piano closes the track with Byford's stirring, bluesy vocals. This is a nice ballad but for me it's not unpredictable. A promising start for the band but not groundbreaking. Yet. I'd buy it.



‘Can't Trust the News’ is heavier than the first track, high-octane and intense. It has a punkish influence and a strong beat. It's angry, describing how we can't trust what we hear from the media - "they're just afraid to tell us the truth". The song is a studied and stylish narrative that many will subscribe to. I'm impressed by the guitars in this track but I feel the drums could have been a bit stronger in order to create a more thunderous sound. It's a fresh, funky track which, for me, needs a few plays to appreciate fully, so don't give up on it just yet. Give it a listen.



Band Members

Vocals/Guitar - Seb Byford

Drums - Tom Witts


Record Label








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