NERVCAST - Locked and Loaded (EP)



Diverse in style, hard edged and full of galloping riffs and rhythm, the debut EP ‘Locked & Loaded’ from Nervcast (mastered by Joey Sturgis –  Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada) will feel like an old favourite from the first listen. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, this quartet has put together a 4 track EP that is catchy and full of rhythm that will no doubt find its way into any heavy metal fans playlist.


The first track ‘Chemical Solution’ is heavy from the offset, and is reminiscent of early Metallica, Everett Mason’s vocals ‘I’ll die alone’ oozing early James Hetfield accompanied by huge heavy riffs that push the track through a 3 minute 59 second head-banging thrill ride.


‘Fallen Angels’ is the EP’s lead single which encompasses traditional heavy metal at its best with scorching riffs from Kevin Daliri and booming drums from Matt Humphreys. The style is different in this track from the first one with a slower rhythm and a heavier and deeper bass from Galen Weir, with dark undertones that build throughout the track giving a depth.


‘Moonstruck’ changes style again and gets off to a galloping start with a blistering guitar solo accompanied by customary 80s style squealies thrown in for good measure. The drums hit hard like rain hammering down on a tin roof. The rhythm pushes faster and harder, the riffs are electrifying and urgent and the drums are thunderous!


Finishing up the EP is the title track ‘Locked and Loaded’, a thrash and bash metal track that will have any metal fan whipping their head about through the first quarter of the song. There’s a slight drop in the track which gives time to fully appreciation the musicianship of Mason and Daliri as they treat the ears to a melodious and complementing set of riffs. The track hits harder again, the vocals powering through the song as it comes to a thunderous end. ‘Locked and loaded there’s no other way, arm yourself and blow the world away!’ This debut EP has definitely blown me away.

The versatility of musical styles throughout the 4 track EP gives a great sense of the bands and artists that have influenced Nervcast. Throughout there are the distinct sounds of Metallica, Iron Maiden,, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest that really lay testament to the capability of Nervcast. If this is just the debut I’m really looking forward to a full length album.


Track Listing:


Chemical Solution

Fallen Angels


Locked and Loaded



Nervcast are:


Everett Mason - Vocals and guitar

Galen Weir - Bass

Kevin Daliri - Guitar

Matt Humphreys - Drums

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