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NoSelf from Florida, US, have been on the nu-metal scene since 2002, have released 2 EP’s and 1 album during their 16 years and have changed their line-up more than a few times. That being said NoSelf are on a mission to resurrect the nu-metal genre and make waves with their newest offering ‘Human-Cyborg Relations – Episode 1’, released April 2017.


NoSelf hail from the central sunshine state and have spent time touring and gaining a reputation for themselves as a high energy, high octane band among their fans, and they certainly turn up the heat with their mini-album released on Zombie Shark Records providing a fresh take on the genre and pummelling your eardrums in the best way possible. Metal fans, fire up your Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and get yourself a piece of NoSelf.


‘Casting Stones’ starts off with a bit of electronica before the angry scream in your face vocals from Dylan Kleinhans rage through your speakers. Mix that up with some brutal guitar riffs, background vocals harmonies and a heavy slug of bass and you’ve got a serious nu-metal track. ‘Save Me’ fades in and launches into the same hard edged nu-metal sound that you really will come to love after hearing this for the first time. A smattering of frenzied drums from Drew Miller and heavy guitars from Justin Dabney obliterate the choruses giving way during the verses for the vocals to shine through.


‘Nudisease’ has a much heavier groove to it, solid riffs yet a much calmer and stripped back feel that flows with less aggression than the previous tracks, the hooks are softer giving a respite from the throat ripping vocals yet still maintaining the same musical ferocity. ‘Through Your Eyes’ opens up slowly, the build of muffled vocals and guitar are enticing before the solid aggression boots you in the face and tramples you into the ground. Heavy and aggressive the track holds you in its grasp, the hooks of the chorus and the temperamental mood changes throughout paves the way for much calmer territory before the boot returns to trample you some more.


‘Outatime’ starts like the beginning of an old Nintendo or Sega game, the playful little tune beeping away before the music kicks in. The track has a bouncy feel to it with an unusual twist of hysterical ‘losing my mind’ laughter thrown in to cement the feeling of insanity that lost love can evoke ‘I can’t forget the memories’. The ragingly atmospheric riffs and overall composition of the track with its surge of emotional aggression and then the seemingly exhausted fall to a calmer intensity really allows this track to stand out. ‘Frisco’ has a much more commercial feel to it, the vocals and guitars are less aggressive, and the overall composition is mellower than any of the previous tracks while retaining the core elements of the nu-metal sound. Though still a good track in its own right the vocals to deliver a more pleasing tone throughout and touch on the much softer end of the nu-metal spectrum.


Bringing the mini-album to a close is ‘Ctrl-Z’. It’s infectiously catchy, though again more commercial than the beginning of the album with less aggression overall. The beat is catchy and the verses rope you into listening until the end. The vocals are soft through the midsections and the riffs are highly engaging despite the lack of the heavier nu-metal sound.


As a whole NoSelf have put together a great 7 track mini-album that will certainly recruit a few more fans. Their sound is hugely infectious and I look forward to seeing what their next offering will provide for us.


NoSelf are:

Dylan Kleinhans – Vox

Justin Dabney – Guitar

Drew Miller – Drums

Glenn Desormeaux – Bass


Track List:

Casting Stones

Save Me


Through Your Eyes





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