NUMB - 'Numb' (Album)

Lynn Carberry


Numb release their self-titled album on Sept 1st with Attic Records. With fierce, hard-driving risks, we take a track by track look at the new release.


The first track, Common Love, hit into its full-throttle pace taking absolutely no prisoners. Seriously, if you’re listening to this whilst driving – watch your speedometer! This band does exactly what it says on the tin. With vocals reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age, head-thrashing beats and sexy solos – it’s a winning combination. A definite live show set opener for sure.


Track 2 is bizarrely Love Of The Cartel (Part 2) – Part 1 comes later. A bit heavier and more djenty on guitars and with Dio-esque vocals, this one is reminiscent of some early NWOBHM tracks. Everyman Has The Right To Choose His Own Path To Hell (catchy title!) is a head nodder from the get-go. The vocals change up in this track yet again, demonstrating a groovy, dark, grungy and somewhat Nu Metal side to the band with yet again a fantastic solo taking centre stage.


Time picks up the pace again back to that driving force we first heard in Common Love – with slithering vocals that transcend and ferocious slaps on the drums. The rhythm section is in command on this track, with the guitar diving in and out adding echoey embellishment. The track nicely fluctuates from dark bare verses to explosive choruses many times throughout. If you like Five Finger Death Punch – I reckon this is the one for you.


The Tears You cry begins with ominous foreboding guitars which quickly blow up.  A ballad this one is not! With a tasty breakdown that’ll make you shake your hair for sure, it’s hard not to get instantly sucked into the groove of this band.


Love Of The Cartel (Part 1) instantly invokes images of Mexican gang fare – think Dusk Till Dawn, which is echoed by the lyric “As we lay with our heads in the sand”. This tequila soaked siesta quickly thrashes into a much heavier narrative of how a beautiful woman plays a guy in a bar. This is confirmed by the duressed confession partway through the song and you can vividly imagine the interrogation process. The song then cocks a gun, the bird's tweet and the songs falls into acoustic bliss whilst the crickets continue in the background. I can only imagine how that interrogation ended….


War removes us from acoustic in the midst of the desert with a crunchy feel and plenty of sing-alongs in the woah-oh department. You can hear exactly how this would play out as a live track with audience participation and all. The album closes with Burn, an instantly meaty track with that force behind it which encourages you to go at 100mph (Not that we’d recommend that!). You find yourself chanting along with the lyric “Won’t you let me BURN!”  The cymbal smashes and the guitar accents complement each other perfectly to add to the thickness of the track and create an undefeatable wall of noise. The album ends with a bunch of sirens escorting the listener out.


Overall, if you like driving paced music, good storytelling, great guitar work a bit of 5FDP, then I’d say this one is for you.

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