ODDFELLAS - Oddacity (EP)



Oddfellas hail from Amarillo, Texas and play progressive blues rock with a soulful edge.  The band have spent much of the past year touring all over their local Texas and neighbouring states, perfecting their live sound and no doubt gaining new fans in the process.


‘Oddacity’ has spawned the single ‘Wasted Life’, which won the first round of the Cumulus Radio Station's national talent search, making the band one of forty-five national finalists. It's the first song on the EP and when it starts up with a fuzzy guitar riff from Dako Ryan, it has an air of familiarity, like that favourite pair of boots that fit you just right. The powerhouse rhythm section of Matt Culpepper on bass and Mason Galaviz on drums begin a relentless beat that you can't help but bang your head to, and when Drake Fisher's vocals are then added to the mix, I'm sold. There is a delicious raspiness to his voice that gives me goosebumps and the vocal harmonies are glorious.


‘You Were Loved’ is a real earworm of a song; it's not budged out of my bead for a solid week now! It has a really groovy feel and a lot of attitude. This is definitely one to swing your hips and sing along to! In contrast, ‘Running Low' is a gorgeous stripped-back track with plenty of smoochy keyboards and fuzzy bass. The tempo ramps up again with ‘Far Behind’, which has an insane guitar hook and pounding drum beat that is unrelenting.


Closer ‘Momma Said’ has an impressive guitar solo, the rhythm section does a perfect job of maintaining that beat throughout and there are some great drum fills too. Fisher's vocals on this track are so good. The song's about treating your lady right too. What's not to like?


‘Oddacity' is an EP that shows Oddfellas have some serious talent. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I've been watching some of their live clips and they kick ass live! They're currently touring in the Texas/Oklahoma area. If you're lucky enough to be in that area, catch them live if you can! Full dates are on their website.


Oddfellas are:-

Drake Fisher – Lead vocals

Matt Culpepper – Bass guitar

Dako Ryan – Guitar

Mason Galaviz - Drums


‘Oddacity’ track listing:-

Wasted Time

You Were Loved

Running Low

Far Behind

Momma Said


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