ONE IN THE CHAMBER – I’ve Got Something To Say (EP)


‘Dirty Rock & Roll straight from the heart of Toronto’ is how ONE IN THE CHAMBER describe themselves. The four-piece rock band are set to release their debut studio EP, ‘I’ve Got Something to Say’ on 22nd September, following the release of lead single (and accompanying music video) ‘Bills to Pay’   in April of this year. The band, comprising of Mike Biase (lead vocals/guitar), Cecil Eugene (lead guitar), Christian Dotto (bass) and Gerrod Harris (drums), have spent the past year working on producing this EP and gigging all over their native Ontario.
Since ‘Bills to Pay’ was released, the band has received thousands of streams on Spotify, YouTube, and FaceBook, and also has received international media attention and earned comparisons to rock giants including Led Zeppelin. Motörhead and Alice in Chains. One in the Chamber will host a release party for ‘I’ve Got Something to Say’ at The Hideout in Toronto on 22nd September, with a tour across Ontario and Quebec to follow.
One in the Chamber have diverse musical tastes and cite Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin among their influences so perhaps it’s no surprise that their sound definitely has an old school vibe about it.

First track ‘Crooked Step’ begins with a bass line from Christian Dotto that has worked its way into my head over the past several days, it’s a real little ear worm! Gerrod Harris soon makes himself known with thwacking drums, and with Mike Biase’s rhythm guitar following the bass line in parts, these guys make a formidable rhythm section, and Biase is able to project passion in his vocals without losing control. An invigorating opener to the EP.

‘Bills to Pay’ opens with a funky riff from Cecil Eugene and this track really showcases the guitarist’s talent. It has more of a groovy feel, with the lyrics in the verses having more of a rap vibe, which really suits Biase’s voice. Underneath, the rhythm section keep up a powerful hard hitting beat which drives the song forward, the riffs and vocals layered over the top of this. ‘The Ballad of Captain Jack’ has a completely different feel from the heavier tracks with jingling guitar riffs and melodious, emotionally raw vocals. It almost sounds like a different band at first, and I have to check my phone to make sure it’s not skipped to play something else. Whilst the dynamic, upbeat songs get a thumbs up from me, I really like this softer side of One in the Chamber too.

The sleazy riffs and pounding drums in ‘Something to Say’ make for a powerful combination that you can’t help but bang your head to! Get your air guitars/drums at the ready! The changes of tempo throughout this track are masterful, and really show Biase’s vocal abilities off beautifully. ‘Itchin’ Back’ has an insanely catchy hook, grinding riffs that make you want to move, a skilfully played and well placed solo, a driving, beat from the masterful rhythm section and emotionally raw vocals. My favourite track on the EP.

These five songs show that One in the Chamber create well crafted, addictive songs that make you want to move. They obviously have talent and have spent time making sure this EP is the best it can be; they really do have something to say!

‘I’ve Got Something to Say’ track listing:-
Crooked Step
Bills to Pay
The Ballad of Captain Jack
Something to Say
Itchin’ Back

Band members:-
Mike Biase - lead vocals and guitar
Cecil Eugene - lead guitar and backing vocals
Christian Dotto - bass and backing vocals
Gerrod Harris - drums and backing vocals

Find out more here:-
Official website:

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