OPERATION GUILLOTINE - Underneath The Lights (Single)



Splashing onto the music scene are Midlands based 5 piece Operation Guillotine with their debut single ‘Underneath The Lights’, released on 22nd December 2017.


“We aim to bring good vibes to dark times”, state Operation Guillotine on their facebook page, and with this debut there’s definitely going to be some positive vibes being thrown around.


‘Underneath The Lights’ is going to a firm favourite for those of you who like soft rock ballads with mix of country stylistics. The tracks starts with vocals from Alice Clarke that are gentle and welcoming, the guitars kick in with slow and rhythmic chords, simple but effective in their approach, drums from Ben Addison and the bass of Chris Sizer following suit by holding a soft edge before the bridge kicks it up a gear and a slightly heavier sound from the guys on guitars, Ben Ollis and Rhys Scott, which carries through the chorus where Alice’s vocals take on a harder edge to complement the increased oomph in the music. Dropping down a notch the softer edge pulls us through the second verse before the heavier edge returns and propels the track through to its conclusion. There is a small guitar solo at the end of the second chorus which I feel could have been utilised more to really punch the song home but in all ‘Underneath The Lights’ is a great debut single, well produced and lyrically enticing.


Operation Guillotine are:


Alice Clarke - Vocals

Rhys Scott - Gitar & Backing Vocals

Ben Ollis - Lead Guitar

Ben Addison - Drums & Backing Vocals

Chris Sizer - Bass


To find out more about the band why not drop by their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/operationguillotine/

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