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You’ve got to be pretty confident in your abilities to call your debut mini album Belter, you're making a promise to the listener that you better be able to fulfil. Luckily Pearler not only step up to the plate, they smash it right out of the park.


The current trend in the British rock scene is well-honed blues-based rock, and damn fine it is too. Swansea’s Pearler however have eschewed that option and instead gone for pure, full-blooded rock ‘n’ roll. Meaty basslines fight with pummelling drums and full fat riffs. They put their foot on your throat on opener ‘Fortified’ and they don’t let off until six bruising songs later when closer ‘Money Gains’ finishes up. You're left gasping for air and pleading for more.


They’re the sort of full on band, similar in ethos to Motörhead that even when they do ease off on a song like ‘The Gusher’ it still sounds like they’re going at full tilt. Pearler are the sort of band that just don’t do quiet. There is a swagger and conviction to everything they play, but at the same time they sound like they’re enjoying every minute.


There are hints of the sorely missed Black Spiders in their approach and sound. Big, chugging guitars and throaty, hard-edged vocals and hook-laden songs. They make a huge, glorious noise but there’s real craftsmanship here too. Anyone can play loud and hide their deficiencies in the distortion, it takes skill to manipulate it into quality tunes. Neither the quality of the music or the energy of the band drops one iota across the six songs and it’s impossible to pick a favourite, although ‘W.O.R.Z.E.L Chuggage’ deserves a mention purely for its name alone.


You could strip these songs right back and they’d still be top-quality, but ramp up the volume and play them like your life depends on it the way Pearler do and it becomes the kind of exhilarating blast of a record that you’ll want to play over and over again. Your eardrums won’t thank you but your rock fuelled heart will.


It is a sound obviously honed by playing live and maybe on a full album there would be more scope for variety but in truth Pearler don’t really need to change anything at all, just keep up the fine work.


Belter is a small but perfectly formed slab of raw, raucous rock ‘n’ roll that does exactly what it says on the tin.


Track Listing:


Eyes Crows Feet

W.O.R.Z.E.L Chuggage

Radical Eyes

The Gusher

Money Gains


Line Up:

Wendel Kingpin - Guitar & Vox
Evs - Guitar
Freaky - Bass & B Vox
Gwary Hunt - Drums


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